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How Often Should I Clean My Rugs 

Are you grappling with the question, "How often should I clean my rugs?" You're not alone. Maintaining clean rugs is crucial for a healthy and inviting home. Let delve into the factors influencing rug cleaning frequency, ensuring your living spaces stay fresh, allergen-free, and aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Rugs 

It surprises many people to learn that a wool rug keeps your home cleaner and healthier in two ways.

  • Wool is very absorbent and holds spills and soil dirt from shoes and paws; for example. 

  • Wool is a conductive material, and its static electricity charge attracts air bourn soils like month-to-flame air pollution, atomized smoke, cooking oils, pollen, and other allergens.

 However, this can work in reverse; rugs not cleaned often enough can release soils back into your home, triggering allergies or respiratory problems. So, cleaning your rugs is a balance too often is a waste of money and not often enough a possible source of soil. 

Cleaning Prolongs the Lifespan of your rug by removing these damaging particles, extending the lifespan of your rugs and removing these particles keeps your home cleaner by allowing your rug to absorb soils.

How Often To Clean A Rug? 

Determining Cleaning Frequencies Based on Foot Traffic: The amount of foot traffic a room receives plays a pivotal role in deciding how often you should clean your rugs. Take cues from these guidelines to keep your rugs looking their best:

  1. Light Traffic Areas: For lesser-used spaces like bedrooms and guest rooms, a cleaning routine of every 2 to 4 years is generally sufficient.

  2. Moderate Traffic Areas: Rooms with moderate foot traffic, such as living rooms and dining rooms, merit cleaning every 1 to 3 years

  3. High Traffic Areas: Rugs in frequently traversed zones like hallways and family rooms require more frequent cleaning, ideally every 1 to 2 year


Special Circumstances That Influence Cleaning Frequency: Tailor your rug cleaning regimen to accommodate unique situations:

  • Pets: If furry companions share your space, consider cleaning your rugs more frequently Pet-related messes and fur accumulation demand extra attention.

  • Allergies: If anyone in your household battles allergies, a more regular cleaning cycle is recommended to minimize allergen buildup for a healthier indoor environment.

Maintaining Rugs: Regular Care and Professional Cleaning: A combination of routine maintenance and professional cleaning ensures longevity and aesthetics:

When cleaning rugs in-home, it's important to remember that all in-home rug cleaning methods are surface-cleaning methods and lack the performance of in-plant rug washing. Worst of all, they fail to remove deeply embedded soil and odors like pet urine that are easily removed with in-plant rug cleaning. 

Can Rugs Be Cleaned In-Home 

Are Rental Carpet Cleaners Any Good

While good for spot cleaning jobs a Bissell cleaner or a Rug Doctor from Home Depot only cleans the surface of a rug, not the whole rug. Cleaning solutions are strong and aggressive and don't rinse well, driving cleaning residues that cause rapid resolving and drive issues when a rug is fully washed. Cleaning residues left behind make it harder to get the rug clean next time 


How Professional Rug Cleaning Works


Val and the worker at Renaissance Rug Cleaning are pre-inspecting and documenting an Antique Persian Bidjar as part of their drop-off rug cleaning service. During these inspections, they look for issues that may be present, such as wear and damage, staining, fading, and other signs of wear and damage. They also take note of any repair or restoration needs the rug may have.

This detailed inspection helps them provide a better cleaning service and can provide valuable insight into the condition of the rug, allowing them to make any necessary repairs or provide restorative treatments before returning the rug to its owner.


The pre-inspection and documentation process is critical to their rug cleaning service, ensuring that the rug is properly cared for and that any restoration or repair needs are addressed.


rug cleaning check-in at Renaissance Rug Cleaing
In plant Rug Cleaning 
rug cleaning a rug duster soils removal for rugs


Remember all the soil your rug holds with a professional in-plant rug cleaning we start with dry soil removal. This rug dusting wheel and the size of a car and runs on industrial power; this type of equipment is not portable to your home and cannot be approximated at home.  

The soil it removes cannot be removed by your home vacuum, a rental, or a commercial steam cleaner and  it must be removed before washing.


Followed by full washing your rug in water is out of the realm of carpet-cleaning rental machines at home. 

Rental cleaning machines require you to bypass important steps in rug cleaning at home. While these can be important for in-between cleaning, such as spotting a rug they are no substitute for a full wash.

Area rug cleaners.jpg
Where to get area rugs cleaned near me?  
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Hiring a rug cleaner isn't a mere transaction—it's entrusting someone with your cherished oriental carpet. So, be inquisitive! What cleaning methodologies do they employ? Are they certified or belong to a trade association such as ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists).


Zip on over top ARCS website and find a rug cleaner near you 

Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a Member of ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists), a trade group dedicated to professionalism in rug cleaning. Renaissance owner is a two term past  President  board member of ARCS 

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