ClickCease Celestial

Oriental Rug Spot Cleaner 

We make a spotting cleaner specifically created from woven rugs, wool, silk fibers, and natural dyes. Just like our wash formulation, this cleaner is a gentle spot cleaner, without harsh chemicals, bleaches, perfumes, or optical brighteners 

Store purchased spot cleaners are formulated of synthetic carpets, not wool area rugs. These commercial cleaners are strong and aggressive with high pH., perfumes, and optical brighteners.

These retail cleaning products can make a mess out of your fine rug. They can cause dyes to bleed, strip the natural color out of your unbleached wool rug, and make an area look whiter. These cleaners can even make stains harder to remove or set them. High alkalinity makes wool swell, allowing soils and staining contaminants to get deeper into natural fibers like wool. Making some stains harder or next to impossible to remove. 

With little effort on your part, these products can damage and permanently discolor your fine wool carpets, wool, and dyes.

Our wool carpet spot cleaner is formulated for natural fibers in Oriental rugs, pH. Safe for wool, silk, and other natural fibers, natural dyes, or synthetic dyes.

Our wool rug cleaner is safe enough for the finest oriental rug and it's even good enough to use on your synthetic carpet too.