Top 5 questions about rug cleaning

  1. How much does it cost to clean a rug?

There are a number of factors that determine the price of rug cleaning. Materials used in the making of that rug, the type of cleaning process and some times the specifics of stains being worked on. A gallon of red latex paint on an oriental rug for example will cost more to clean than standard cleaning. For “real” rug washing 3-5.00 sq ft. and by real rug washing, I mean a rug soaked out in water and detergents and clean water used to flush out soils.

rug washing at Renaissance Rug Cleaning

There are cleaning methods that require less effort, experience and time such as surface extraction and shampooing of rugs. These should be priced lower than full washing of rugs sometimes they are not and some cleaners pass off less effective cleaning at the higher price of washing. I recommend visiting a cleaners shop for a tour, call around for references to rug retailers and others with experience in rugs.

  1. What is the best way to clean a rug?

My company Renaissance Rug Cleaning Inc. specializes in full washes of Oriental rugs and area rugs so I’m a little biased. Over my 33 years working with rugs full washing is simply the best and most effective way to get a rug clean and much cleaner than shampoo or extraction cleaning. However, this comes at a pricer in time it takes much longer, with much greater labour and more water and the need for better drying equipment. If someoen is selling you a 1-2.00 sqft rug washing well it’s too good to be true.

  1. How can I clean my area rug myself?

People clean rugs at home all the time but let me explain the two biggest pitfalls with home cleaning. Water can more than triple the weight of a dry rug so consider that before trying to clean that oversized living room rug in your driveway. How will move that heavy wet rug and how will you get that wet rug dry? We have heated dry rooms, dry racks and dehumidifiers everything in our shops is specially focused to move water fast and efficiently from rugs. Consider size, weight and the dynamics of drying before you start.

Home spot cleaning of an ink stain

Test, test, test. Rugs can have unstable dyes. Are the dyes stable in your rug? Blot with a white towel and your rug wash detergent of choice. Do the rug’s dyes bleed do the colours transfer to the towel? A properly run rug cleaner is set up to deal with this issue and more. My final suggestion, regardless of size, if you wash that rug at home and ruin it, would you be upset with your self or not? If, not maybe it’s worth trying a DIY cleaning.

Some rug issues need speciality cleaning chemicals, cleaning a rug with heavy dog urine, color run dye bleed removal, Ink stains. The outcome is always better with a professional, roughly 90% of the bad stains we cannot get out of rugs are the result of home spot cleaning, not the initial stain or spill.

  1. Can you take a rug to the dry cleaners?

It really depends on the dry cleaner, Very few dry cleaners have full rug wash capabilities and most sub out cleaning to local rug cleaning companies. If you need special services, more mere than just cleaning rug repair, padding, concerned about some spots or the cleaning process it’s best to seek out a rug cleaner.

How to get a rug professionally cleaned ?

Navajo rugs dropped off for cleaning at Renaissance Rug Cleaning

It’s simple, do a search on google for rug cleaners near me or rug cleaners in Portland in our case. As a rug cleaner, there are several key things I look for when selecting a rug cleaning company

  1. Does the area rug cleaner have a brick and mortar location

  2. Does the rug cleaner have normal business hours

  3. Business reviews can be helpful companies can pay for fake reviews

  4. Call several rug retailers in town ask about the cleaner or who they recommend

  5. Membership in professioanl assocations for rug cleaneerrs that is ARCS (Associartion of Rug Care Specalsits)

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