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Turkish prayer rug circa 1900   3.6x5.9 

Classic Turkish prayer rug is a specific type of rug traditionally used for performing daily prayers. They have a rich history and cultural significance in Turkey and the wider Islamic world. 

Turkish prayer rugs typically feature a mihrab design, which is an arch-shaped niche at one end representing the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, towards which Muslims pray. Geometric patterns often surround the mihrab, These designs serve as aids for worshippers during their prayers and also symbolize spiritual devotion.


This Turkish prayer rug is handwoven using high-quality materials such as wool on a wool foundation.  Overall, Turkish prayer rugs not only serve a functional purpose but also hold deep cultural and religious significance, embodying centuries of tradition and craftsmanship in Islamic art and textiles.

Sold #2115 Antique Turkish prayer rug

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