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This navajo Yei is in great condition still has the origional tradding post tag on the rug. This is a fine example and perfict size to display on a wall 



Navajo Yei rugs are a distinctive style of Native American textile art created by the Navajo people or Dine (din-A )of the Southwestern United States. These rugs are named after the Yei, which are spiritual beings in Navajo cosmology believed to act as intermediaries between humans and the Holy People (deities). 


 Yei rugs hold deep cultural and spiritual significance within Navajo traditions. They often depict Yei figures, which represent supernatural beings associated with healing, protection, and guidance. Yei ceremonies, where dancers impersonate the Yei spirits, are central to Navajo religious and ceremonial practices.


Navajo Yei rugs typically feature intricate designs of Yei figures, portrayed in a stylized and geometric manner. The rugs may also include other symbolic elements such as feathers, arrows, plants, and celestial motifs. Each design element carries symbolic meanings related to Navajo cosmology, spirituality, and natural elements.


 Yei rugs are handwoven using wool, typically sourced from local Churro sheep, and can be dyed with natural dyes derived from plants and minerals or synthetically dyed. The rugs are woven on vertical looms using a tapestry weaving style, where weft threads are passed over and under the warp threads to create patterns and designs.


Traditional Yei rugs often feature a vibrant color palette, with bold hues of red, black, white, yellow, orange and blue. Some of the colors hold symbolic cultural significance within Navajo cosmology. For example, red represents the earth and life force, while blue symbolizes the sky and spiritual realms.


Navajo Yei rugs are expressions of Navajo identity, culture, spirituality, and artistic skill. They serve as tangible reminders of Navajo culture and heritage, embodying centuries of tradition and symbolism.

(Sold) Navajo Yei weaving 1.7 x 3

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