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19th century Tekke Turkmen tent band fragment great colors and design has foundation damage and  broken warps and damage suitable for a wall not the floor 

The Tekke Turkmen are a nomadic Turkic people who historically inhabit Central Asia, particularly the area around present-day Turkmenistan. Tent bands, traditionally used by Turkmen tribes to decorate the entrance of their tents.

The Tekke Turkmen tent bands are highly regarded for their exquisite craftsmanship and intricate designs. They are typically woven using techniques such as warp-faced plain weave and supplementary weft patterning. These textiles often feature geometric motifs, including guls (medallion-like designs), octagons, diamonds, and various other stylized elements. The colors used in Tekke Turkmen tent bands are typically bold and vibrant, with red, blue, and ivory being common hues.

These tent bands not only served a decorative purpose but also held cultural and symbolic significance within Turkmen society. They were often woven by women, who would incorporate traditional motifs and patterns passed down through generations. Additionally, tent bands could symbolize the wealth, status, and identity of a particular Turkmen tribe or family.

Today, Tekke Turkmen tent bands are highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts of textile art for their historical significance, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. They are considered important cultural artifacts that offer insights into the artistic traditions and nomadic lifestyle of the Turkmen people.

Turkoman Tent band fragment 1.6x6

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