Questions About Oriental Rug Cleaning 


 How much does it cost to clean an Oriental Carpet?


This should be the second question, the first should be, how do you clean rugs? It is the most often asked question we hear, how much? We charge a set price for most cleanings, and our current rug cleaning price is 4.60 sq ft. for rug cleaning. Most rug cleaners charge three to four dollars sq ft for wool rug cleaning portland metro area 

 Materials are a factor in the price of cleaning oriental rugs, Silk, and Viscose, are more labor intensive to clean and require more post-washing detail work than wool carpets. So the price of cleaning a silk oriental Persian carpet is more than a wool rug

Another is specific spills or stains; a gallon of red latex paint on an oriental rug will cost more to clean than standard cleaning. There's much more time and labor to remove the paint, and the price reflects that.

For "real" rug washing by a professional rug cleaner nationally, you can expect to spend 3-5.00 sq ft. for actual rug washing, not carpet steam cleaning or surface rug shampoo but complete rug washing. I mention this because plenty of rug cleaning companies are not actually washing rugs but only surface cleaning them, much less labor and time-intensive process.

Make sure the cleaner has the facilities and capabilities to properly clean and a standard of care and custody of your fine carpets.

This photo is of a cleaner cleaning his client's oriental rugs in his "state of the art wash plant," which, in reality, is his home garage. Often the rug owner pays rug washing prices 3-5.00 sq ft. for carpet steam cleaning that runs .50-75 cents an sq ft.


Knowing the rug cleaning cost is essential, but it falls flat if all the cleaner is doing is a light surface cleaning.  

Rugs[1] (1).jpg

Cleaning methods such as steam cleaning, surface extraction, and shampooing involve much less water, time, energy, and labor than washing, they also don't get rugs very clean relative to a full rug washing. So a cheaper  rug cleaning often mean your rug isn't getting a real deep cleaning 


An oriental rug is being washed and deeply embed soils are being pushed or worked out of the carpet foundation on a wash floor 

How should oriental rugs be cleaned?


At Renaissance Rug Cleaning, we specialize in full rug washes of Oriental rugs and area rugs, so we're a little biased on the subject. Over my 33 years of working with rugs, full washing is the best and most effective way to get a rug clean and much cleaner than shampoo or extraction cleaning. A full wash in water is best for the majority of area rugs and carpets.


Let me prove it to you another way; we charge 4.60 sq ft. to clean wool oriental rugs. If that rug has a few really bad pet accidents, it's still 4.60 sq ft. or maybe the carpet is supper dirty, or in a commercial environment, it's still 4.60 Sqft.  


The entry price for real rug washing is higher because the time, labor, and water use are much more significant. However, once you hit this threshold, the cleaning performance of rug washing is much better and we don't charge for enzyme cleaners, decontamination baths, and deodorizers. We don't charge for these things because we don't need them rug washing is that effective.

Can I clean my area rug myself?


People clean rugs at home all the time, but let me explain the two biggest pitfalls with DYI home carpet and rug cleaning. Water can more than triple the weight of a dry rug so consider that before cleaning that oversized living room rug in your driveway.


How will you move that heavy wet rug, and how will you dry that wet rug? We have heated dry rooms, dry racks, dehumidifiers, and centrifugal extractors that can remove 95% of the water from your rug in under 2 minutes.

Everything in our state-of-the-art area cleaning shop is focused on moving water fast and efficiently from rugs.


Consider the size, weight, and dynamics of drying before you start, In this case, size does matter.


Home spot cleaning went wrong

Test, test, test. Rugs can have unstable dyes. Are the dyes stable in your rug? To tell, apply your rug wash detergent of choice and blot with a white towel. Do the rug's dyes bleed, and do the colors transfer to the towel? A properly run rug cleaner is set up to deal with this issue, and more and most homeowners, not so much.


My final suggestion is if you wash that rug at home and ruin it, would you be upset with yourself or not? If, not, maybe it's worth trying a DIY cleaning or consider renting a Rug Doctor or some other carpet rental cleaning machine. These are less-than-perfect solutions but better than a ruined textile 


Some rug issues need specialty cleaning chemicals and experience cleaning a rug with heavy dog urine, unstable dyes, and Ink stains. The outcome is always better with a professional; roughly 90% of stains and damage we cannot correct in carpets result from improper home spot cleaning, not the initial stain or spill.

How to get a rug professionally cleaned?

It’s simple, do a search on google for rug cleaners near me or rug cleaners in Portland or in your town.. rug cleaners. As a rug cleaner, we think there are several key things I look for when selecting a top local rug cleaning company

  1. Does the area rug cleaner have a brick and mortar location

  2. Does the rug cleaner have normal business hours for rug drop-off and pick-up 

  3. Business reviews can be helpful but companies can pay for fake reviews

  4. Call several rug retailers in town and ask about the cleaner or whom they recommend, ask friends & neighbors 

  5. Membership in professional associations for rug cleaners is ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists)

  6. Take a tour of the wash plant

How often should area rugs be cleaned

Cleaning intervals depend on where a rug is used in a home. In some cases, wool area rugs can go years, even a decade, between cleaning in areas with low traffic, such as formal dining rooms. High-traffic family rooms and entry rugs, yearly cleaning is beneficial. There isn't a set interval for cleaning; we suggest using your senses, use the three D's


-Does the rug smell clean, or does it smell dusty or other unusual odors?

-Does the rug feel clean when you rub your hand across the pile, or does it leave your hand feeling dirty?

-Does it look clean, or can you see dirt spots, Does the end tassel/fringe look clean?


Rug Cleaning intervals aren't a blanket statement, and one size does not fit all situations. Canned answers such as "clean your rug every year" or "maintenance cleaning" might be right in some cases in others, it's wasting your money

Can you take a rug to the dry cleaners?

It depends on the dry cleaner; few dry cleaners have full rug wash capabilities most sub out cleaning to local carpet & Rug cleaning companies. If you need special rug services, more than just cleaning rug repair, and padding, or are concerned about some spots or the cleaning process. If the rug is being sued out, It's best to ask the dry cleaning company who is actually doing the rug cleaning service. 

Can Oriental Rugs Be Cleaned In My Home 

We don't recommend in-home cleaning of oriental rugs or area carpets for several key reasons. 

  • The equipment we use to clean rugs is not portable to your home; it's rug specific, some weighing as much as a car and requiring industrial three-phase power; learn more about our cleaning process here. 

  • Natural fiber rugs like wool, silk, and bamboo hold lots of mosture, and our professional cleaning equipment quickly and efficiently dries your rugs. Dehumidifiers, commercial air movers, and centrifuge water extractors all equipment not portable for home use. Often the conditions in your home are not ideal for fast drying and can result in color run, mold, mildew growth, and damage to floors.  

  • There is lots of post-cleaning detail work we do to make sure your rugs look their best after they dry. Even the best cleaner has spots wick up or sometimes a second cleaning is needed to remove pet odors. 

  • We have seen hardwood floors damaged and wall-to-wall carpet stained, and oriental rugs rotted by applying mosture to wool rugs on a hardwood floor or over the carpet.

  • Most hand-woven rugs are made to be washed, not steam cleaned or shampooed. Hot water and string detergents from extraction cleaning can cause colors to bleed or become unstable.