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Oriental Carpet Cleaning 

Welcome to our site! Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a workshop for all things rugs. Our core principle is that oriental and area rugs need specialized care. Woven rugs shouldn't be steam cleaned like

 in-home carpet and upholstery.

Our specialized cleaning methods are specific for Oriental rugs, Persian carpets, and area carpets, not in-home carpet cleaning.

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Trusted Area Rug Care Experts

 Serving PDX rug owners and retailers for more than twenty years, Renaissance Rug Cleaning is an oriental carpet specialty workshop.


Our workshop and people are a collaborative effort of dedicated and focused artisans working with Oriental Carpets, area rugs, and collectible textiles. 


Our cleaning facility in SE Portland, corner of 10th & Harrison, all cleaning services are performed at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility. Our workshop is easy to access; we have convenient off-street parking near Ladd's addition. Feel free to drop by for a visit to see our workshop and why Renaissance is different from your local carpet & Upholstery cleaning service.

For references, we suggest you call around to those who know rugs, Renaissance Rug Cleaning works with Portland's top rug retailers, rug collectors, and wholesalers, then give us a call.

Rug Cleaning & Repair Portland free consultation 

 The variety of weaving styles results in various possible solutions, so the nature of our work is always collaborative, and our professional opinions are always free. 


Cleaning intervals, repair options, and rug pad choices are relative to the type of rug, age, condition, type, and volume of use in foot traffic, and ultimately, how that Oriental carpet or other textile lives in your home or office. 


 Our first job is to distill our knowledge and experience into salient information so you can make well-informed decisions regarding your carpets, cleaning intervals, and repair options. Maintaining grandma's antique hand-me-down Persian rug or collector's antique Turkish rug often has different objectives.

Misconception and distortion abound in the rug world, and spending money on an expensive solution isn't always the prudent choice. Maintaining a weavings market value might be essential for one customer while functionality in a high traffic environment for another.