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 Rug Cleaning At Home 

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Can I clean my oriental rug at home? 

It is possible to clean a rug at home, but rug cleaning is really about experience and the right tools.

  First, let's look at what makes a professional rug cleaning company so effective. At Renaissance, we clean thousands of area rugs every year and have for over 24 years. Many different types of rugs have issues that can pop up, particularly in cleaning.

Oriental and area rugs have a kind of cleaning personality, we learn these personalities or issues that manifest in cleaning color run, shrinkage, and such. We often can look at a rug and have a good idea of the problem we might encounter during cleaning and address these issues effectively. In fact, our wash plant is specifically suited to clean rugs and deal with rug issues that may pop up.


It's not practical to apply all the professional rug cleaning methods to home rug cleaning.  



How To Dry A Rug ?

Setting aside all the things that can go wrong in cleaning a rug at home the biggest issue is getting a rug dry. Typically we are dealing with very absorbent fibers wool, silk, cotton, rayon, and viscose fibers. These fibers hold moisture well and dry slowly outside of optimum controlled drying environments. 

An oriental rug can weigh 5 times its dry weight when wet. Professional rug cleaning companies have specialized equipment to remove mosture from rugs fast and effectively for optimal drying, this is out of the grasp of home rug cleaning. 

A soaked wet rug and slow drying are ideal for the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. A rug can develop odors if not dried promptly 


Our suggestion for home rug cleaning is clean smaller, thinner, and easy-to-move rugs and leave larger rugs to the pros.


Use a shop vac to pull as much mosture from a rug as possible after cleaning. Airflow is important for the fast drying of a rug so use fans. 

Rug Cleaning 

Located in SE Portland Renaissance RugCleaing has been serving Portland's rug cleaning needs for over 20 years 

Rug Repair 

We specialize in hand repair of Oriental rugs.  To maintain the value and integrity of hand woven rugs 

Rug Padding 

We carry a range of oriental and area rug pads. Specifically engendered for area rug use 

Oriental Rugs 

While we clean any kind of area rug we are best known for our cleaning and care of oriental rugs 

Pick-up & Delivery service 

We provide pick-up and delivery of rug for cleaning in the Portland metro area 

pet odor&  stain removal 

We are experts at removing pet odors and stains form woven rugs wool, silk and other fibers 

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Portland is so lucky to have Renaissace they are the only place I trust with my valuable woven rugs.