How To Clean A Rug At Home 

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Can I clean my oriental rug at home? 

Today we are going to bypass all the rug drama and talk about cleaning rugs at home. I'm a nearly 35-year veteran rug cleaner, educator, and consultant to rug cleaners and producers abroad.

So, can you clean your rug at home?

Sure but there are some considerations to think about before you try. Let's talk about rug cleaning methods.

How to dry clean a carpet 

The three big names are Host, Capture, and Arm and Hammer dry cleaning compounds. Dry-cleaning compounds are the least effective cleaning products and also the safest. The powder is applied to the carpet, scrubbed in with a brush given dwell time, and then vacuumed out; simple right? 


Not so fast, once you put these on your rug or carpet, they work their way to the base, and you never get them completely out. The dry cleaning compound you use to remove soil, well, becomes soil in your rug!

 I know the slick marketing says differently. I own a professional area rug cleaning facility I see the end results of dry cleaning compounds. More importantly, they affect our cleaning and some can cause the dye to run later while others leave perfume odors that are hard to remove. 

They are not very effective at removing heavy soils, and if you have a carpet, it's likely going to fit the "heavy soil,"  a number of these dry cleaners are baking soda-based products, and they are alkaline, and that's harmful to wool rugs and their dyes over time. 


How to dry clean an Oriental carpet at home? 

My suggestion is don't the performance isn't worth the headache 

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How To Wash A Rug

Setting aside all the things that can go wrong in cleaning a rug at home color bleed, shrinkage, stalled drying, excessively heavy wet rug. let's talk about the Rolls Royce of Persian rug cleaning washing rugs. 


In cleaning, we typically deal with very absorbent fibers, wool, silk, cotton, rayon, and viscose fibers. These fibers hold moisture very well and dry slowly outside of optimum controlled drying environments. 

The first consideration is, An oriental rug can weigh more than five times its dry weight when wet. If you clean on your driveway will you leave the rug to dry there, can you move it wet? 


Hand dish detergents are your best bet, such as a planet, the seventh generation are your best bet. Use a synthetic detergent, Do not use soaps like Dr Bronners or bar soap. 

The short reason is that soaps lose detergency very fast and under acidic conditions and complex with the soil and fibers of in carpets. This results in cleaning residue and ineffective cleaning. You might need to reapply the cleaning solution during the wash. 

Most of the washing is pushing water through a  rug, it's rinsing out soils, the detergent you just put in the carpet.  

How long does cleaning take? The rug will let you know, but it can take hours to get a rug clean. 

People often question how much we charge to clean a rug until they have tried to clean a rug at home and realize how involved the process is. 


How To Dry A Rug ?

A soaked wet rug left wet too long is the ideal environment for the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. I want you to consider where and how you will get the rug dry at home? Before we talk about cleaning your rug at home  


 Professional rug cleaning companies have specialized equipment to pull mosture from rugs fast and effectively for optimal drying but, more importantly, it is part of the cleaning process. This type of technology is out of the grasp of home rug cleaning. In our wash plant, I can take a thick soaking wet wool rug and, in 1 minute, remove 95% of the water in that rug. 

The larger the rug, the harder it will be to get dry my suggestion is clean smaller, thinner, and easy-to-move rugs and work up to bigger rugs as you develop some understanding and skill. 


Use a shop vac to pull as much mosture from a rug as possible after cleaning. 

Airflow is essential for the fast drying of a rug do you have fans, do you have enough fans?

Even on a hot day you need air movement not just heat to dry your rug. 

I work in an industry with professional cleaners with amazing knowledge and experience.

It's also an industry with some really bad cleaners too that lack knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

You can search for a local cleaner area rug cleaner near me or area rug cleaning drop-off near me. Anyone with access to the internet can make a slick webpage, and be a rug cleaning expert. This works fine until a situation arises where an actual rug cleaning expert is needed.

People choose to clean their own rugs for a variety of reasons money-saving, experience, and fear of bad cleaning driven by previous experiences. 

The best way to find a good rug cleaner is through a cleaning association such as ARCS (The Association of Rug Care Specialists 

To find a professional oriental rug cleaner near you