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How Area Rug Cleaning Works

Updated: Apr 2

oriental rug cleaning in a rug wash plant
In plant rug cleaning

Cleaning carpets and rugs is important to keeping a healthy home environment. Not only do they bring beauty into the space, but over time, rug fibers absorb atmospheric soils and accumulate dirt, stains, and other allergens; rugs keep your home cleaner to a point. If cleaned in a timely manner, a soil rug or carpet can maintain air quality and drive allergies. 

Discover how to maintain cleanliness by using rug cleaning services with this step-by-step guide! From selecting the right service for your needs all the way through maintaining them so you’re never dealing with dirty or stained pieces again 

Choosing the Right Cleaning Service

Did you know the cleaning process for area rugs is different than steam cleaning in-home carpet? Rugs are like works of art that need specialized cleaning and care to keep them looking great and extend their lifespan. Natural fibers of wool, silk, and cotton need special formulations and care. Improper cleaning products can damage finers and leave a sticky residue that causes area rugs to re-soil faster.


Professional area rug cleaning services are equipped with specialized tools, and cleaners to lift soils from fibers and eliminate soil, dirt particles, and allergens from the foundations of area rugs beyond those used by carpet cleaners. This helps your area rugs stay cleaner for longer .

Even Stanley Steemer recommends regular in-plant cleanings for oriental rugs as its scientifically proven method can remove up to 98% of household allergens! 

When searching the Portland area, seek out good service that uses proven cleaning methods as set by ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists). The rug cleaning service must have certified technicians and proven established cleaning methods to clean your area rugs safely.

Standard carpet cleaning is a surface cleaning method that fails to remove the deeply embedded soil found in rugs, and the detergents used are too strong for natural fibers and dyes in oriental rugs and carpets. 

steam cleaning carpet
carpet cleaning with hot water in-home

Experience and Expertise of Rug Cleaners

When selecting a rug cleaning service, assessing its proficiency is highly important. Experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of wet cleaning tend to provide more satisfactory services than less experienced ones. Companies such as Renaissance Rug Cleaning offer comprehensive solutions like deep cleaning for dirt and odor removal along with specialized care and utilization of advanced tools that guarantee spotless results every time. To understand the level of expertise provided by any particular company, it’s important to look into their cleaning treatments and expertise.

Equipment and Cleaning Solutions

Rug cleaning and carpet cleaners both require specialized equipment in order to properly clean area rugs and in-home carpets. However, these cleaning systems are not the same, and a carpet cleaner machine is different than a rug cleaning. Carpet rental cleaners and home cleaning systems such as BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser or Bissell CrossWave lack the performance of commercial cleaning systems. The hot water extraction technique is highly recommended for in-home cleaning due to its power to remove surface dirt effectively.

For wool and fine Oriental rug, in-plant rug cleaning or rug washing is best for removing deeply embedded soils and odors. In-plant washing is the preferred cleaning method by Oriental rug dealers.

rug centrifuge dryers
Specialised in-plant rug drying equipment

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer feedback and reviews can be a valuable source of information when deciding on a rug cleaning service. They provide valuable insights into the quality of services provided and reliability ratings, making selecting a carpet-cleaning provider easier than ever before.

rugs being washed in a wash plant
In plant rug cleaning

In-Home vs. Off-Site Cleaning for Area Rugs

When looking for a cleaning service to clean your rugs, it is important to decide whether to clean them at home or at an off-site facility. Each has its benefits and requires considerations based on the specific type of rug.

local area rug cleaners in Portland, Oregon
Rug washing in Portland, Oregon

For instance, when dealing with more delicate fabrics like natural fibers or hand-woven carpets (such as those offered by Stanley Steemer), it may be best to opt for an external location where a comprehensive treatment can safely take place. Especially if pet urine odors are present that require additional attention and care. This will help preserve color vibrancy while delivering deep clean results from rigorous washing methods exclusively only found outside of home premises.

In-Home Cleaning of Throw Rugs

Rugs should be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, and area rugs require special care. Before using any commercial cleaning products, it is important to check a small section of the rug first. On-site rug cleaning is often more economical but not as thorough as in-plant rug washing, and strong odors such as pet pee and smoke are best removed with in-plant deep cleaning.

Different rugs can benefit from hand or machine cleaning methods, while vintage ones are best left in professional hands for safekeeping. Regular vacuuming also plays an essential part in keeping these pieces tidy and contributing towards better air quality by removing allergens, thus making your home environment more secure! Lastly, enhancing aesthetics with cozy cleanliness benefits you and your family’s health in many ways overall.

Off-site, In-Plant Rug Cleaners

Off-site rug cleaning is a comprehensive and careful method of giving delicate rugs, or those that are handwoven, the special care they need. This usually includes several steps like beating dirt out from between fibers spot spotting any stains present before doing an overall cleanse and rinse cycle with spinning followed by drying in a controlled environment.

The advantages to this type of service include the application of protective fabric, which keeps the rug intact for longer. Also, improved air quality along with reduced respiratory issues due to less dust circulation through increased immune system performance thanks to the elimination of deeply embedded grime within its threads. Speaking, it takes about 1 - 2 weeks, although turnaround can be speeded up at times, reaching 7 – 10 days as well.

The Cleaning Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding the rug cleaning process will ensure a successful experience with minimal stress. This guide explains each phase of the typical clean, from inspection through drying and finishing touches.

Professional rug cleaners inspecting antique rug
Rug inspection before rug cleaning

Whether you choose in-home or offsite services, this begins by taking an inventory of your rug’s condition, identifying any problem stains or areas that need special attention before deep cleaning commences using specialized tools and solutions to get rid of dirt build up as well as allergens. Afterward, proper measures are taken for drying out so it can be inspected one last time prior to completion ensuring satisfaction after every job done!

Inspection and Assessment

The rug cleaning process for any rug starts with a thorough inspection. Professional technicians inspect the carpet's condition and look for areas that need extra care, such as high foot traffic or spots where stains have soaked in deeply.

They assess several aspects: age, state, color features and fiber type which are all essential details to decide on what approach should be used when tackling its cleanliness, more delicate fabrics like antique rugs may require less strenuous techniques so they maintain their original beauty intact.

Thus this evaluation plays an important role in assuring that these pieces of artful fabric receive adequate treatment while being cleaned. Ultimately returning them back to pristine glory!

Pre-Treatment and Spot Removal

After the inspection, the rug cleaning process takes us to a pre-treatment to prepare the rug for its deep cleaning. This includes applying a solution that loosens and helps extract dirt, odors, or marks so they can be more easily removed during cleansing. Any issue areas, such as stubborn discolorations or animal messes, are spot-treated before the full wash commences. This ensures that nothing goes without special attention prior to complete cleanup.

Deep Cleaning and Extraction

The rug is pre-treated before it undergoes a thorough cleaning process. This step employs a specialized solution and equipment to scrub away dirt, allergens, and blemishes that may be embedded within its fibers.

A full wash deep cleaning goes deeper than surface-level cleaning by extracting. Hot water extraction methods can remove stains from the surface but fail to remove soils and smell like pet urine; this is where plant rug washing excels. A full rug washing removes deeply embedded soil and odors, creating an allergen-free living space with improved air quality.

Drying and Finishing Touches

Once the thorough cleansing is done, it’s essential to dry out your rug completely. Appropriate drying protects against mold and mildew, which can damage or cause health issues with a rug. Towel-drying, dehumidifiers, air conditioning set up and temperature-controlled spaces are methods of effective drying that work well for this situation. The last step in the cleaning process requires inspection for any stains remaining plus ascertaining whether everything looks clean enough after restoration and ready to be returned home again - an extra check assuring that you’re getting quality results from your deep cleaning and inspection to see if your rug needs any rug repair services.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Rug cleaning services are designed to meet the particular needs of households that own delicate and valuable rugs, like Oriental or Persian varieties. In this case, specialized care is necessary in order to properly preserve their beauty. With these experts by your side you can trust they will have access to specialist equipment for treating specific rug types as well as tackling any pet stains or odors which may be present within a home setting too.

So if it’s expert techniques, specialty supplies and personalized attention for all kinds of rugs – from antique Chinese pieces right through modern shags, then you need look no than these professional carpet cleaners! Not only do they clean, but with knowledge comes understanding so each individual type is addressed accordingly while assuring quality control throughout the process.

Whether its addressing unique fibers or fabrics found on different carpets, ensuring those invaluable antiques keep their magnificence intact even under heavy traffic, restoring vibrancy into lackluster colors. Whatever shape your floor piece takes, getting cleaned up has never been simpler, thanks to rug cleaning specialists!

Oriental and Persian Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are admired for more than their attractive aesthetic. They can be regarded as artistic works of craftsmanship. Since wool or silk is usually used in production, these items must receive special care to ensure that they will maintain their beauty over time. Professional cleaning has become an essential step when preserving a rug’s quality and allure.

When carrying out the process, one should take into consideration using cool water with pH liquid cleaner instead of harsh chemicals or boiling temperatures which could damage fibers. Wiping dampened towels according to pile direction by sections beginning on surface layer while taking extra care with antique/vintage pieces may help preserve integrity better upon the execution phase being complete.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Having pet messes such as stains and odors can be a difficult task for many pet owners to manage. To help get rid of these issues, specialized rug cleaning services offer solutions specifically designed to address them in rugs. Such treatments often involve using baking soda to absorb odor or applying a mixture composed of 50% white vinegar and 50% water on the area affected with stain so no smell will remain afterward. With this kind of professional assistance, you won’t have trouble keeping your carpet tidy even if you own animals!

Allergy Relief and Protection

Carpets are not just for looks; they can also help improve the health of your home. Rug cleaning services use hot water extraction and steam methods to reduce irritants in carpets like dust mites. Combining deep-cleaning techniques with heated liquid solutions effectively gets rid of allergens and bacteria from rugs and provides optimal results while still retaining their beauty.

Through this kind of professional carpet maintenance, you can rest assured that it’s aiding in creating a healthier living environment where everyone can feel safe and secure within its walls—all without sacrificing style!

DIY vs. Professional Cleaning

Deciding between a professional rug cleaning service and DIY methods can be tricky. It all depends on your budget, the type of carpet you own and your individual requirements. If money is an issue, self-cleaning may work out more cost-effectively, but it could take longer to get the desired results than hiring someone who specializes in this field. On the contrary, opting for specialist services can achieve higher levels of cleanliness while being pricier than Do It Yourself methods.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to maintain your rugs, DIY rug cleaning could be the solution. Promptly addressing stains and dirt on the surface can help stop permanent damage from occurring. It is important to remember that professional cleaning may offer more efficient results when removing set-in stains or allergens than do-it-yourself methods.

In the long run, attempting to save money with DIY rug cleaning might backfire due to additional costs involved in using inappropriate products or incorrect techniques which could end up causing harm and necessitate expensive repairs or replacement of said carpets. If done inadequately, this type of carpet maintenance will most likely need repeating frequently, leading ultimately to an increase in cost over time as well!

Professional Cleaning Service

Professional rug cleaning is the best way to get your rugs spotless and ensure their longevity. With experience, expertise, and specialized equipment available to professional cleaners, dirt deposits, spots, and allergens are efficiently removed. Not only does it offer a deep cleanse but also provides expert care for more fragile or valuable carpets that require special attention in order to prevent any harm during the process of cleaning them. Though DIY solutions can be cheaper than employing professionals when it comes down to Rug Cleaning Services, investing in skilled hands is wiser if you intend on prolonging its life while simultaneously preserving its beauty thus retaining value too.

rug dry soil removal dust pan full of dirt
Dry soil removal BEFORE washing

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Clean Rugs Cleaner Longer

Cleaning your rugs regularly can help keep them looking their best and extend their lifespan. Vacuuming is key to getting rid of dirt particles and avoiding buildup that could cause harm, while spot-cleaning spills as soon as they occur helps prevent permanent staining from occurring. Using rug protectors can reduce the wear and tear on the carpeting over time for continued beauty in your home or office setting. All these measures combined will ensure that you get all possible longevity out of your carpets!

Regular Vacuuming

Proper rug maintenance can be achieved through regular vacuuming, which helps to remove dirt and debris that could otherwise work their way into the fibers of the fabric. Doing this will not only protect your rugs from damage, but also improve air quality by stopping dust particles or allergens from becoming airborne.

It is important to vacuum both surfaces correctly as well – top side and bottom, using a suitable appliance such as the Dyson Ball Animal 3 or Levoit Vortex IQ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum in order for these contaminants to be eliminated efficiently without damaging woolen threads. The direction you choose for cleaning should likewise follow suit with the pile pattern on your carpeted floors so all unwanted materials are removed properly.

Spot Cleaning

When it comes to taking care of rugs, dealing with spills and stains is inevitable. To make sure they don’t become permanent marks on your rug, prompt action and the use of an appropriate cleaning solution are key for treating them effectively. Blotting rather than scrubbing is also necessary in order to remove these blemishes from fibers without any damage occurring.

It’s worth keeping in mind that not all spots can be treated by using the same product. Various types require different products - such as red wine or pet stain cleaners - depending upon their nature so ensure you have a good variety available when tackling messy areas!

Preventative Measures

Regular cleaning is essential for preserving the lifespan of your rugs. There are other preventative techniques you can use as well. Using a rug protector will help protect against wear from foot traffic and make it easier to clean. Rotating the carpets regularly helps keep any signs of uneven usage at bay while putting mats inside entryways prevents dirt from being dragged onto them in the first place. To prolong their lives, one should also keep out of direct sunlight, which may cause fading over time.

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting the right rug cleaning service is critical, considering factors like experience, equipment, customer reviews, and members of trade associations such as ARCS (Association Of Rug Care Specialists) or CRI Seal of Approval.

  • The choice between in-home or off-site rug cleaning depends on the rug’s material, condition, and soiling; off-site allows for a more comprehensive deep cleaning, ideal for delicate rugs and antique carpets.

  • Regular maintenance such as vacuuming, spot cleaning, and taking preventative measures, alongside professional cleaning, extends rug lifespan and ensures a cleaner home environment.


It is important to keep rugs clean to ensure a healthy and pleasant home. Selecting the correct rug cleaning service and understanding how they do their job are both crucial for preserving your carpets’ vibrancy. Regular maintenance of your mats between professional services can help preserve them over time.

Whether you go with DIY or pro-grade cleaners, frequent upkeep should be done if one desires long-lasting results from their carpet investment, and keeping up on these tasks will add years to its lifespan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to clean a rug?

Cleaning a rug is worth it as it improves the appearance of the floor covering and maintains better air quality in the room. This, in turn, can improve respiratory health for those occupying that space. When you choose to keep your rugs clean, they become more aesthetically pleasing, increasing their decorative value.

How much does it cost to clean a rug in SF?

On average, rugs cost 4.60 sq ft to be cleaned and would cost around a 4x6 for example 110.00 to clean.

How often should rugs be professionally cleaned?

Rugs should be professionally cleaned about every one to three years, though this can vary depending on usage conditions.

What is the best product to clean area rugs with?

A hand dish detergent, one drop to a cup of water, be careful of packaged carpet cleaning products such as Bissell Pro Max Clean. Many are formulated for synthetic rugs and can damage some natural fibers and properly clean area rugs. It’s essential not to use a carpet cleaner or any other type of detergent that might harm the delicate fibers in your rug. Carpet cleaning solutions may cause damage, so make sure you choose a product specifically designed for cleaning carpets or rugs if you want a thorough and safe job done.

What factors should I consider when choosing a rug cleaning service?

To make sure you get the most out of your rug cleaning service, visit their workshop ask around with local rug professionals. Consider experience, expertise with various materials, modern equipment used for treating rugs, and customer reviews to ascertain a good quality clean. This should guarantee an effective procedure on all your carpeting or floor mats that need attention.

Renaissance Rug Cleaning has been providing area rug cleaning Portland clients for over twenty five years

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