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Navajo Rug Cleaning & Repair 

Navajo or Dine Pronounced “di-nay,” weavings and rugs are prizes for their bold designs and cultural significance, requiring specialized care during cleaning to preserve their integrity. We, understand and have the skills necessary to care for Navajo weavings properly. 


Professional Cleaners for Navajos

We are knowledgeable and experienced rug cleaner in the Portland Metro area. Proper cleaning enhances the beauty of SW weavings and extends their lifespan, ensuring they can be appreciated for years to come. More importantly, regular maintenance is crucial for preventing staining and damage from dirt, dust, and pests such as moth infestation which can be particularly harmful to natural fibers. 

Navajo Rug Washing

 Wet Cleaning Of Navajo Rugs

The nature of the weaving combined with age results in delicate fibers, these rug fibers require special care to maintain their beauty and longevity. Unlike standard area rugs or oriental rugs, Navajo rugs are unique, and cleaning needs differ significantly from most area rugs. The process starts with understanding the dyes and fibers of the rug—typically wool. Wool rugs are susceptible to damage from moths and soils, direct light abrasive dust particls.

When it comes to cleaning, it's crucial to avoid harsh methods like machine washing or steam clean and strong detergents which can cause shrinkage, fading, or bleeding of the aniline dyes used in antique navajos. Instead, opt for a gentle hand wash in color water or spot clean with a damp cloth and mild cleaning solution  and blot. This method helps in removing stains without damage to the delicate warp threads.

Dry Cleaning 

While suitable for some types of rugs, shampoo, and solvent cleaning is often not the best choice for Navajo weavings.

Due to the soil types and use, solvent and low moisture cleaning has limited cleaning performance relative to washing with water and specially formulated detergent cleaning solutions.  



Navajo wet cleaned
navajo spot cleaning
Regular Care 

Regular care for Navajo rugs includes gentle vacuuming without a beater bar to remove dirt and dust. For rugs with pet hair or other difficult-to-remove debris, professional cleaning is often the best choice to avoid causing damage. For tougher stains like red wine, blotting with cold water or white wine can be effective removal method and when using cleaning products make sure to sue wool safe cleaners.

The best way to store Navajos, avoid folding Navajo when storing them; this can lead to creasing and rug fiber damage to warp and weft threads. Rolling is better particularly for delicate rugs, then wrapping in breathable paper or Tyvek, to keep clean and inhibit months form laying moth eggs. Storing textiles in a dry, dark place like a closet or chest can help preserve their condition for many years.


Rug Cleaning Portland

Our Service Area 

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