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Where Can I Drop Off Rugs To Be Cleaned? 

drop off rug cleaning

Renaissance Rug Cleaning is open on weekdays from 9:30-5:30 for drop-off rug cleaning. Best of all, NO appointment is needed; simply drop by our workshop during business hours, and we will even unload the rugs for you and get you checked in. ​​

Centrally located and easy to find

Our workshop is located at the corner of 10th and Harrison in SE Portland 

We are five blocks North of Division Street & five blocks Souht of Hawthorn Blvd 

  • We have off-street parking we can unload rugs for you 

  • Rug ID and verbal valuations are always free

  • Rug Check-in takes less than 10- minutes on average 

  • Cleaning typically takes 7-10 business days; this depends on any particular issues, stains, or odors. 

  • Rug repairs can add to the turnaround time depending on the type of repair. 

Using Waze

drop off rug cleaning


Experience expert craftsmanship and knowledge with our specialized rug cleaning services. Merging age-old traditions with modern techniques, we revive the vibrancy and beauty of your cherished rugs. Renaissance Rug Cleaning is Portland-only rug-specific workshop. Serving Portland metro are a since 1999

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