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Pet Urine Removal 

Renaissance Rug Cleaning Inc. offers safe and effective pet urine removal and urine odor removal services for area rugs.


We remove the source odors without the use of perfumy deodorizer, expensive Enzyme treatment or leaving behind weird cleaning residues. 

From machine-made rugs to antique Oriental rug, our team of experienced technicians are experienced in providing solutions for removing unwanted pet odors from area rugs.

expert pet urine removal from wool rugs

Pet Odor Removal 

 Is it really possible to remove pet smells from my area rug?


 We clean urine wool rug all the time, some would have you think it's an expensive and near-impossible task to remove dog or cat odors in area rugs. Or that it requires costly and elaborate rug decontamination baths, that's true if they don't really wash rugs. 


So what's our big secret? 

It's simple; we specialize in deep cleaning or washing rugs with lots of water and mild wool-safe detergents we get pet odors out. Our rug-washing process is simply that good.  

How good is our washing ? We don't charge extra for pet odors because we don't need to

Pet urine can damage the wood floors we sell a rug padding that protects your wood floors from pet accidents and other liquid spills 

Is pet urine harmful to rugs ?

Urine spots on rugs can damage fibers and dyes; the longer urine sits on a rug, the more damage it can cause. It's essential to address accidents promptly and use the appropriate chemistry and methods to handle the spots properly.


A word of caution about rug deodorizers 

Adding a carpet deodorizer, baking soda, Febreze or enzyme cleaner is not the same as removing pet pee and often amplifies the problem over time.


We call these compounded stains; cleaning attempts to remove a urine spot that doesn't work result in the use of other cleaning products. Vinegar, Folex, Resolve, Nature's Miracle, OxyClean by the time the rug comes through our doors; the issue isn't a pet spot; it's chemical damage caused by a plethora of cleaning products, and it can be permanent and irreversible.


The source of the odor of urine must be removed and flushed from your rug not achieved with a spray cleaner 

RAN_5945.JPG (3)-min.jpg

Cleaning Wool Rugs

Surprisingly we clean urine from wool rugs without much change to our standard rug-washing process.

Our standard rug washing is that though we don't need  harsh chemicals, perfume-containing products, or exotic costs to clean your oriental rug

Pet Stain Removal 

Urine settles into the foundation of oriental rugs. into high absorbent wool, silk, and cotton the warp, and weft.

This makes successful spot cleaning and surface cleaning challenging and problematic.  


The best bet is to remove pet urine when fresh, blot the spot with paper towels first, then apply diluted white vinegar, a tablespoon to a cup of water, and blot with towels; this vinegar solution is not harmful to wool & silk. If caught fresh, there often is no urine smell or concerns with odor removal down the road. Once done, a layer of paper towel front and back to pull mosture from the rug. 

Pet urine removal in the home is possible, with some limitations are if the urine has soaked through the rug to the back or it's an old dried dog urine stain plant cleaning is strongly suggested.

Isn't all that water dangerous for my rug and it's colors?
Why Do Pet Urine Rugs

​The most common causes for pets having accidents on rugs 

  1. Changes in Routine: Pets thrive on routine, so any significant changes in their daily schedule or environment can cause stress. This could include moving to a new home, changing feeding times, Home remodeling, or disrupting their regular exercise routine.

  2. Loud Noises: Many pets are sensitive to loud noises like thunderstorms, fireworks, or construction sounds. These noises can trigger anxiety, especially in dogs.

  3. Separation Anxiety: Some pets become anxious when left alone for extended periods. They may exhibit destructive behavior, excessive barking, or house soiling.

  4. New Additions to the Household: The introduction of a new pet or family member can be stressful for your existing pet. They may feel territorial or threatened.

  5. Veterinary Visits: For many pets, visits to the veterinarian can be stressful due to unfamiliar surroundings, handling, and medical procedures.

  6. Socialization Issues: Dogs that haven't been adequately socialized as puppies may become anxious around other dogs or people.


Our Service Area 

Renaissance provides cleaning & repair services to the Portland metro area and beyond 



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