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Area Rug Cleaning Tigard

Looking for cleaning in Tigard, Renaissance rug cleaning is highly recommended by the Metro area's top rug retailers for area rug cleaning. Renaissance is not a carpet cleaning service; We are the area's only full-time 100% dedicated rug cleaning and restoration service. 


Our workshop is committed to preserving exquisite beauty and extending the lifespan of woven rugs; we are your go-to rug cleaner serving Tigard.


Our team of skilled professionals employs traditional and contemporary methods of delicate hand-washing to effectively eliminate dirt, allergens, and stubborn pet odors and stains from your rugs. Additionally, we employ a clean water rinse to eliminate dirt attracting residue. 


Rest assured that our cleaning techniques are gentle on your rug's fibers, ensuring they remain intact and vibrant.


Serving the NW for over 25 years, Renaissance has consistently provided top-notch rug cleaning services to Portlansd, Lake Oawego,Tigard and beyond. We are the trusted choice for the metro area rug retailers and rug enthusiasts for expert and reliable rug cleaning.


About Us

Every one has a story.......

How about a love story? Randy and Valerie met while working for Atiyeh Brothers, fell in love with textiles, and started a family and a business, Renaissace in 1999.


Both Randy & Valerie have over 35 years of experience working with rugs. Oh, boy has it taken them places. Turkey, Iran, Nepal, or, in the photo to the right, Randy custom carding wool in Wardak Provence, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2020. 


Saying Renaissace is a workshop full of rug people is an understatement; it's something more than a carpet cleaning service. 

wool carding Afghanistan
zollanvari wash Tehran_

What Makes Us Different 

Experts with Rugs 

Our dedication is to rugs, not broad veriety of cleaing services offered by many carpet cleaning service, upholstery cleaning or grout cleaning. Our area of expertise is with area rugs, from new Persian carpets to antique orientals and everything in between. We are the only such company in the Portland metro area. 

We specialize in traditional washing by hand because it has the best performance, it's gentle, and that's the way rugs are meant to be washed. Travel the wash floors of Iran, Turkey, Nepal & Afghanistan no one steam cleans area rug or shampoo's them all rugs are washed.  The pic on the left is a wash floor from Randy's tirp to Zollanvari's Rugs in Tehran, Iran. 

Often, carpet cleaners or steam cleaners apply carpet cleaning systems to rugs with, at best, mediocre results. In some cases, steam and detergents can bleed colors and leave residues. Its important to protect your carpet's fibers from harsh chemicals. Most steam cleaners don't understand oriental rugs.


 Our cleaning methods include deep cleaning rugs and often removing pet stains and odors with simple washing. Rug cleaning is a different service than carpet cleaning, and the tools employed and methods are different than carpet cleaning services use. 

Rug repair & restoration

Our Services 

Learn More About Rugs 

Have question? Feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help 


Our Service Area 

Renaissance provides cleaning & repair services to the Portland metro area and beyond 



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