Rug Cleaning Lake Oswego

Renaissance has been providing cleaning in Lake Oswego for over 2 decades.  

We specialize in traditional hand washing of rugs and carpets without the use of aggressive machines or harsh chemicals. Fragile rugs and those with unstable dyes are routinely washed with great results by our experienced washers.

Our thorough wash removes many issues cleaners struggle with such as pet urine, coffee, red wine spills, and smoke odors. We easily remove these without the use of harsh products that often leave a rug smelling of chemicals or perfume we prefer to leave your rugs clean and fresh smelling like well, a rug. 

From simple end stop stitches to complete reweaves Renaissance can bring new life to your old rugs.


We are experienced and knowledgeable about Oriental rugs, origins,  age, and value. These are often important considerations to ponder before undertaking repairs or altering a rug that could destroy value. 

Rug Repair 

For references, we suggest contacting the areas, top rug dealers.  Renaissance Rug Cleaning has been the experienced, knowledgeable and trusted resource for over 20 years.



Renaissance  Your  Rug! 

(503) 963-8565

9:30-5:30 M-F


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About Us

Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a  workshop for the cleaning and repair of area rugs and oriental carpets serving commercial and retail clients located in Portland, Oregon