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You worked hard to find that perfect rug, don't ruin it with aggressive and damaging cleaning products. 


Frankly, most over-the-counter cleaners are too aggressive; laundry detergents harm rugs, strip rug color out of wool and other fibers, and cause damage.

Many rug cleaner products are made for synthetic carpets and are too strong and aggressive and cause damage to your fine carpets.

Our rug cleaner is created explicitly for hand-woven rugs and natural fibers.

While mild and non-toxic, our rug spotter can be used on all synthetic fibers from Nylon to Viscose. Like our wash rug washing formulations, our cleaner is a gentle spot cleaner without harsh chemicals, bleaches, perfumes, or optical brighteners, and is pH neutral. 


Our rug spot cleaner will not leave residues that attract soil, harm dyes, or cause damage. 

Rug Cleaning At Home 


Maybe it's a Facebook group or YouTube video on spot cleaning methods but all

cleaning products are not equal for rug cleaning at home and neither are rugs. Cleaning detergents made for a washing machine are not engendered for cleaning carpets and rugs.

You might be familiar with the YouTube craze of laundry strip cleaning textiles. A combination of Borax, washing soda (sodium Carbonate), and laundry detergent is mixed in a bathtub with hot water and left to soak, resulting in murky brown water.  


While laundry stripping works to some extent to deep clean laundry, laundry striping rugs is dangerous and damaging to dyes, wool, and silk fibers, particularly when combined with hot water. The strong alkalinity causes dyes to become unstable, color running, dye bleeding, and often enough dye is lost in the laundry stripping rugs that the color of a rug becomes several shades lighter from color loss, and the wool & silk fibers become brittle. Landry strip cleaning wool or other natural fibers is not a good idea. 


The reaction is not a cleaning reaction its a pH reaction between an acid, Vinegar and baking soda, and it can damage and even ruin your oriental rug and area carpets, set stains in wool and damage silk .

For information on properly spotting your rugs click on our rug spotting guide. 

Baking Soda & Vinegar Spot Cleaning

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