Rug being vacuumed
Does Vacuuming Damage  My Rugs? 

Vacuuming helps to remove soils that can build upon the surface of a rug and work their way into the foundation.  These embedded soils cut rug fibers when walked on and over time result in discoloration, deterioration, and noticeable wear. However, vacuums with rotating beater bars (pictured above) are not appropriate for all rugs and can cause damage by sucking up the end fringes causing damage or additional damage to the already compromised area on a rug, so care should be used. Thin rugs like Kilims or old worn Persian rugs can be pulled into a beater bar-style vacuum so they should be vacuumed with suction only canister-style vacuum, and if small they can be taken outside and gently shaken by hand.  If you really want to vacuum your rug well take it outside on a nice day and vacuum the back very slowly with a  beater bar-style vacuum.  In the trade, we call this "dusting" a rug and it's an important prewashing step.

 5 minutes of vacuuming this rug from the back yielded this nearly full dustpan of loose dry soil

Dirt from a rug vacuumed from the back
Tips to keep your area rugs looking nice

  -Routine vacuuming weekly will help extend the life of your Oriental rug. Go slowly and allow the vacuum time to do its job and lift the soil.​


-When possible move furniture and vacuum in dark undisturbed areas as these are the places moths like to hide. Inspect the rug while vacuuming look for any issues such as missing yarns, a sign of moth infestation. 


-Weather and size permitting, take rugs outside and vacuum from the back with a beater style vacuum to dislodge loose silty soil.


 -Turn rugs seasonally end for end to even out traffic patterns, wear, and soiling. This is also a good time to inspect your rug for any sign of moth infestation or damage

-Address spills in a timely manner consult our spotting guide. If you are not sure what to, please call us for advice


-Rugs should be cleaned when they look dirty. The end fringe is often the first place to show soiling. If the fringe is dirty the rug is dirty it's just that the body of the rug hides it much better.


I Have A Wool Moth Infestation In My Rugs What Should I Do? 

The rugs should be removed, treated for months and thoroughly washed. However, by the time an infestation is often discovered moths have often moved to other areas of your home. All protein fibers are susceptible to months; wool, alpaca, feather items, and even some silks. We strongly suggest contacting a professional pest control company to treat your home.