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Rug Cleaning Beaverton 

Expert exclusive rug care from the metro area only Oriental carpet specifically focused workshop. For over two decades, Renaissance Rug Cleaning has provided cleaning and restoration services for Beaverton, Portland, and beyond. From Antique Persian carpets to that hand-me-down braided rug. 


We don't just clean rugs we also specialize in hand repairs of oriental rugs and area carpets. We have a full staff of professionals ready to repair and mend your damaged rug whether it's a dog chewed corner or a rotten area from a potted plant. We have the experience to make your rug look good again 

What makes us different?

Keeping your rugs looking good is our priority. 

 Often rugs live in high-traffic areas of our homes, such as Kitchens and living rooms. While vacuuming and spot cleaning can help keep your rug cleaner longer, at some point, your rug needs a thorough cleaning. Most oriental rugs and area carpets are washable rugs at Renaissace, we specialize in deep cleaning handwoven rugs. It's been our focus for nearly twenty-five years. 

 Oriental and area rug cleaning is a different cleaning service, requiring specialized cleaning equipment and skillset than in-home carpets than in-home carpet cleaning. The cleaning process, techniques, and equipment for area rugs and Persian carpets cannot be approximated by in-home carpet cleaning services. 

Based in Portland, Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a specialty company for cleaning oriental rugs and area carpets; we are the top rug retailer-recommended rug cleaner in Portland.




Our Service Area 

Renaissance provides cleaning & repair services to the Portland metro area and beyond 



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