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Rug Cleaning Service Oregon City 

Since 1999, our expert rug cleaning services have been a cornerstone in preserving the aesthetics and well-being of clients' rugs in Oregon City. We effectively eliminate deeply embedded dirt, allergens, Pet odors, and contaminants from your rugs, fostering a cleaner and healthier indoor environment for your home. For health and hygiene to safeguard the value of your cherished antique oriental rug, Oregon City residents can rely on Renaissance Rug Cleaning for professional rug cleaning services.

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Renaissance is a specialized workshop for rug cleaning serving the NW for over 25 years we are the areas only rug focused workshop 


What sets us apart?

While many carpet cleaners offer rug cleaning as an additional service, at Renaissance Rug Cleaning, rug care is our exclusive focus.  You might not know that Oriental and area rug cleaning is a unique, specialized service requiring specialized equipment and expertise beyond what typical in-home carpet cleaning can provide. 

The owners of Renaissance Rug Cleaning possess a profound understanding of rug weaving and have traveled and worked in the rug-producing regions of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Nepal. The cleaning processes, techniques, chemistry, and equipment we employ for area rugs and Persian carpets cannot be replicated by in-home services. 

Renaissance Rug Cleaning stands as the top choice among rug retailer-recommended rug cleaners in the area. Our trust is built one rug at a time over decades, allowing us to breathe new life into your rugs and ensure they continue to grace your home with enduring beauty and elegance.

Your rug's well-being is our paramount concern!


Our Service Area 

Renaissance provides cleaning & repair services to the Portland metro area and beyond 



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