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 Pick Up & Delivery Service 

We realize that sometimes it can be hard to fit in a trip to our cash and carry drop-off rug cleaning.

Renaissance provides Hassle-free rug pick-up and delivery service in the Portland metro area and beyond. Our punctual workers make pick up and delivery of oriental rugs and carpets from your home, office, storage facility, or places in between a breeze.


To schedule a pick-up, please call us at 503-963-8565 for an appointment, or fill out our contact form below, and we'll call you to schedule a pickup. Of course, you are always welcome to drop off rug cleaning at our workshop in South East Portland from 9:30- 5:30 M-F 




Tips For In-Home Rug Service  

- We provide roll-up and roll-out services in practical situations. 

-There are limits to our staff's ability to move furniture items, particularly very heavy or fragile items, and excessive clutter. 

 -Renaissance is not a moving service; our staff does not move pianos, water beds, pool tables, aquariums, mechanical beds, oversized glass & marble tables, or any times we feel could pose a risk to property or people. 

 -Moving furniture is at the discretion of our workers while on the job site. 

- It's the responsibility of the owner or person working in the interest or direction of the owner to remove fragile items from the area our staff will be working in, such as vases, lamps, pottery, paintings, etc. 

Our main service is the Portland metro area, however, 

Renaissance makes periodic trips to Salem, Eugen, Hood River, Bend, and the Oregon Coast. Please call our office for availability. 

area rug drop-off

You are always welcome to drop rugs off rugs at our workshop in Se Portland for cleaning. 

Renaissance Rug is open weekdays 9:30 -5:30 for drop-off; no appointment is needed.


We are located in Se Portland at the corner of tenth and Harrison; we are five blocks south of Hawthorne Blvd and five blocks north of Divisions St.


We make Cash and Carry rug cleaning easy We have plenty of off-street parking show up, and our staff will unload your rugs for you.

Drop Off Rug Cleaning 

  Local Rug Cleaning near PDX   

Check-in rug cleaning process 

Drop by our shop at the corner of 10th and Harrison; we have off-street parking. Our friendly staff will carry the rugs in, show you our area rug cleaning process and guide you through our check-in process  

What's the check-in process? We want to know why your rug is here is it general cleaning or a specific issue with pet spots or odors? Our cleaning process and cleaning solutions are related to your rug. 

You will be given a clear invoice with the pricing of your rug; we can also answer questions about your rugs, such as age and value.



- When finished, rugs are rolled for pick-up and delivery, tied with twine.

- We do not wrap rugs unless requested

- Baling rugs or folding rugs in thirds is by request

Contact Us For Area Rug Cleaning Service  

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