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Fringe Repair 

The fringes on your oriental carpet are often the first to show the ravages of use. Naughty pets and overzealous vacuuming take their toll on your rugs, making them look sad, forlorn, unkept, and tired.

Rug fringe repair is more than aesthetic for many oriental rugs. The firing is part of the structural foundation and is essential to preserving the integrity and longevity of the whole rug. It helps maintain the rug's value and ensures that it continues to be a beautiful and functional piece of decor.

The repair process typically involves:
Assessment: A professional assesses the condition of the rug's fringes to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate repair approach.
Cleaning: In some cases, the rug may need to be cleaned to remove dirt and stains before repair work begins.
Fringe Repair: Depending on the damage, the fringes are repaired using various techniques, such as reweaving, re-knotting, or securing loose ends.


fringe repair of a morrocan rug
fringe repair.jpg

Fringe Restoration

At Renaissance we are capable of rebuilding fringe such as this vintage Moroccan rug worn by time and use. New warps are woven into the end of the rug to match the original warps. This is done by hand one warp at a time to seamlessly blend with the original warp threads. 

restored fringe on a morrocan rug

Reweaving fringe

Once the warps are in place weft threads are woven in one at a time. Basically we are weaving the weft yarns in the same manor as was done when the carpet was made. 

This is one example of fringe repair this method is not appropriate for all rugs it;'s best to consult with our rug experts to determine the right rug repair strategy 

rug fringe repaired.jpeg
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