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Rug Repair: Feature
Oriental rug weavers in Iran


Rug Repair: Feature

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rug repair detail at renaissance rug cleaning

Oriental Rug Restoration

Frankly, every rug needs rug repair at some point; A puppy-chewed corner, wool moth damage, or forlorn by the ravages of time on your floor, Renaissance weaves hope back into rugs.  


 Renaissance Rug Cleaners are more than an area rug cleaner; we are a trusted resource for oriental rug restoration.  


 A well-executed oriental rug repair can restore your rug and its beauty, maintain or increase value, and keep rug usable for generations.

However, inexperience and haphazard repairs can damage value, resulting in loss of value and more rapid deterioration. 

We avoid machine binding, surging, and adhesives on hand-woven oriental rugs. These shortcuts, while economical, destroy the aesthetics, value, integrity, and collectability of Antique rugs and carpets.

rug reweaving at Renaissance Rug Cleaning
detail of a rug loom weaving heddles
Antique Persian, Vintage Rugs, Braided, Felt, Flokati, Hook, Kilim, Navajo, Sumac, Tapestries, Tribal Bags, and more
Hand repairing of a rug at renaissance rug cleaning

 A stitch in time saves nine 

This applies to rugs; not all repair has to be expensive; timely small repairs and stabilizing a stitch here and there are essential.

Securing loose or frayed ends or sides saves you from much more costly repairs later. We work to stave off significant repairs from the ravages of time, elements, and wool moths and wear with a stitch in time.  

Rug Repair Cost 

Oriental rug repair costs can vary widely based on several factors. Due to the wide variety of weave qualities and uniqueness of different styles of hand-woven rugs, there isn't a standard repair price. This makes over-the-phone estimates sketchy at best; quality photos of the front and back of the damage are needed for price estimates.

Variables that affect rug repair costs

Type of rug: Finer weave, for example, a high knot count Persian rug repair takes much more time Vs. The same repair on a coarser tribal rug 


Type of Repair: Small stabilizing costs 30 dollars and up, while much more complex reweaving is time-consuming and starts at several hundred dollars. 

Materials: In some cases, special materials need to be sourced, dyed or spun for projects adding to additional costs  



Antique Rug Repair

We are known for our antique rug restoration & and repair, from moth damage to age-related wear and deterioration. 

These problems can manifest in haphazard cleaning methods such as floor scrubbers, steam cleaning, and other non-rug-specific tools. 

Our rug repair, like our rug cleaning methods, is specific to oriental rugs and specialized to antique rugs. 

Antique rug repair
repair of area rug

Size matters. Is that existing area rug too big to fit in your new home? We are experts at altering area rugs to different sizes. Perhaps you have found that Nepalese dream rug available in 10x14 that needs to fit a 10x10 space; we can help. We can resize that rug flawlessly to your desired size while maintaining the authentic look and value.

We work with Portland's top rug retailers & designers with such needs. 

Rug Reweaving 

Vintage Rug Repair
rug reweaving

An example of rug reweaving with a vintage Turkish rug from the mid-1990s.


Oriental rug reweaving is expensive and not always a financially logical option. In this case, it was, and we used the original production yarns from this Turkish rug producer to repair this rug. We carry a large library of wool, cotton, and other natural fibers from our travels worldwide to repair oriental rugs.  


Reweaving a rug is a highly specialized labor-intensive skill. 

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