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Oriental Rug Repair

At some point, your oriental rugs need repair. Renaissance is a trusted resource for Portland's top rug retailers. 


Our rug repair and restoration process are collaborative; we provide knowledgeable and experienced opinions on age, value, and repair possibilities. 


 Clients use our professional experience and bits of information from our thirty-five years of experience to form an educated understanding and make informed decisions.

 At times sentimental attachment to "grandma's old rug" makes value irrelevant to the discussion, and other times an antique rug dealer, for example, value, is the most critical concern. So the best repair option varies. As such, we don't "sell Oriental carpet repair"; we educate and inform you so you can make smart, well-informed choices with your rugs.

Our Persian rug repair services are artisans and skilled tradespeople in their own right. A well-executed rug repair can restore beauty, maintain or increase value, and keep rugs usable for generations. Yet, Poorly done rug repair can do the opposite, destroy the value esthetics of a fine antique Persian rug, and accelerate deterioration. 

We avoid machine binding, surging, and adhesives on hand-woven oriental rugs. These shortcuts, while economical, often destroy the aesthetics, value, integrity, and collectability of Antique rugs and carpets. 

Worse, dissimilar materials reduce the overall longevity of Persian oriental carpets. At Renaissance, We have a wide variety of experience working with woven rugs and textiles, Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Egyptian, Navajo, Mexican, Rio Grand, hand hook, and Braided rugs.


We restore your rugs by hand to match the original work and intent of the weavers; We are rug repair experts. 


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The edges of my Persian rug are frayed, tattered & forlorn, and need repair,  what can be done?
rug repiar experts located in Portland, Oregon

...a stitch in time

Saves nine" applies to rugs; maybe it originated in the rug world? Oriental rugs take a beating on the floor, worn and tattered by time or nibbled on by a new puppy. 


Timely repair is essential; small and straightforward securing to a frayed end or side saves you from much more costly rug repairs later. We work to stave off major rug repairs with small securing in conjunction with rug cleaning. 


The fringe ends and sides are the most common areas of damage and deterioration on oriental rugs. Often these start with a small dog chewed corner or a rug fringe sucked into a vacuum. These minor fringe repairs pay big dividends by staying off more costly repair.  


 Renaissance maintains a large inventory of restoration yarns to fix new and antique oriental rugs. The owner has collected rug spare parts from his travels to Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. Whenever possible, we use authentic materials for rug repair. Domestic sheep and yarns are much different from sheep and yarns used in hand-woven rugs. Top choice for rug retailers for Oriental rug restoration portland 


Size matters. Is that existing area rug too big to fit in your new home? We are experts at altering area rugs to different sizes. Perhaps you have found that Nepalese dream rug available in 10x14 that needs to fit a 10x10 space; we can help. We can resize that rug flawlessly to the size you need while maintaining the authentic look and value. We work with Portland's top rug retailers & designers with such needs. 

Antique Rug Repair 

We clean and repair many antique rugs yearly; it's safe to say we know how to repair your fine antiques to preserve their value and beauty. Age-related deterioration of woven rugs drives hidden or latent issues missed by those who lack experience with vintage rugs and antique carpets. These problems can manifest in cleaning using floor scrubbers, steam cleaning, and other non-rug-specific tools. 

Renaissance is the area only rug specific rug focused workshop for antique rug care 

Antque Rug Repair Service Portland
I have a hole in my Persian rug can it be repaired or what can be done?

At Renaissance Rug Cleaning, "We make problems disappear". We repair rug holes, fraying, and missing pile all the time. The sooner these damages are addressed, the less costly the repair will be. 


Rug reweaving is costly; setting up the foundation color matching and re-knotting is laborious and time-consuming. Rug reweaving is not a perfect option for every rug, but it is an option for some carpets of value

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Vintage Rug Repair

An example of our work is, Reweaving of a vintage Turkish rug from the mid-1990s. First, new foundation warp and weft yarns are inserted to match the missing foundation materials. 

The producer of this rug, Yatak by Woven Legends, stopped producing the rug more than a decade ago. We have an inventory of Woven legends production yarns we collected and put into our yarn inventory more than twenty years ago. While not always possible in this case, we used the original production yarns for the rug maker to repair this rug


We can send extensive repairs overseas to be repaired. This option doesn't make sense with small repairs in some cases large or specialized repairs it's the best option