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Oriental Rug Repair

 The oriental rug repair process is collaborative; we provide experienced opinions on age, value, and repair possibilities. 

Our clients use our professional experience bits of information to form a deeper understanding of a rug, and clients make an informed educated decision. 

We don't "sell rug repair"; we educate our clients, so they understand what options work for their rug. At times sentimental attachment to an old rug makes value irrelevant to the discussion, and other times an antique rug dealer, for example, value is the most critical question. 

Rug repair & restoration is an art and skill on its own. A well-executed rug repair can restore beauty, maintain or increase value, and keep rugs usable for generations. Yet, Poorly done rug repair can destroy the value esthetics of a fine antique oriental rug and accelerate deterioration. 

We avoid using machine binding, surging, and adhesives on hand-woven oriental rugs. These shortcuts, while economical, often destroy the aesthetics, value, integrity, and collectability of oriental rugs. Worse, it reduces the overall longevity of oriental rugs. We have a wide variety of experience working with woven rugs and textiles Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Egyptian, Navajo, Mexican, Rio Grand, hand hook, and Braided rugs.




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The edges of my tribal rug are frayed, tattered & forlorn, and need repair,  what can be done?
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Saves nine" applies to rugs; maybe it originated in the rug world? Oriental rugs take a beating on the floor, worn and tattered by time or nibbled on by a new puppy. Timely rug repair is essential and catching a frayed end, or side early saves the value of your oriental rug and saves you from much more costly rug repairs down the road. 

The restoration experts at Renaissance can help with both. Renaissance specializes in traditional rug repairs by hand. Renaissance maintains a large inventory of restoration yarns to fix new and antique oriental rugs.


The most common areas of damage and deterioration on oriental rugs are the fringe ends and sides. often these start with a small dog chewed corner or a rug sucked into a vacuum  


Size matters. Is that existing area rug too big to fit in your new home? We are experts at altering area rugs to different sizes.  Perhaps you have found that dream Nepalese rug available in 10x14 that needs to fit a 10x10 space we can help. We work with Portland's top rug retailers & designers with such needs 


Fringe ends on rugs take a beating, often the ends of oriental rugs need repair or restoration, We can repair rug fringe to look like new or match existing fringe on a vintage or antique area rug to make the repair look age-relevant to the original.  Don't like rug fringe/ end tassels on your rug?  We can hide fringe without destroying the value of your area rug. Or we can remove the fringe completely if desired for a more modern clean rug look. 

I have a hole in my oriental rug can it be repaired or what can be done?

At Renaissance Rug Cleaning "We make problems, disappear". We repair rug holes, fraying, and missing pile all the time. The sooner these damages are addressed the less costly the repair will be.  We have built an extensive library of restoration yarns to fix just about any area rug and any issue in nearly any rug new or antique from all major rug weaving countries including Morocco, India, Turkey, Iran/Persia, Nepal, Afghanistan, Egypt, Armenia, and others. 

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Reweaving of a handwoven Turkish Yatak rug done at our workshop. First, new foundation warp and weft yarns are inserted, and then the piled knotted in the rug. 


Renaissance Rug specializes in rug repairs that maintain the authenticity and value of your hand-woven oriental rug.   

We stock a large inventory of imported rug restoration yarns to repair rugs. We have our own in-house repair staff to restore the beauty and authenticity of your oriental rug 

We also have the option of sending larger more extensive repairs overseas to be prepared. This option doesn't make sense in every repair situation  

 Have questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions the staff at Renaissance Rug Cleaning would love to hear from you.