Hand Rug Repair

The knowledgeable and talented staff at Renaissance Rug Cleaning love working with rugs and related textiles, more importantly, we know how to properly repair oriental rugs.  We will guide you through various options to preserve the integrity of your woven rug, new or antique rugs we can restore its beauty, maintain the value, and keep it usable for generations.

We avoid the use of machine binding, surging, and adhesives on hand-woven textiles.  These shortcuts often destroy the aesthetics,  value, Integrity, collectability, and reduce the longevity of fine rugs. 



Persian, Braided, Felt, Flokati, Hook, Kilim, Navajo, Sumac, Tapestries, Tribal Bags and more
The edges of my tribal rug are frayed, tattered & forlorn what can be done?
...a stitch in time.

The old saying "a stitch in time saves nine" applies to rugs. Worn and tattered by time or nibbled on by your new puppy, catching a frayed end or side early not only saves the value of your oriental rug but also saves you from much more costly repairs down the road. The restoration experts at Renaissance can help with both. 


Is that existing rug too big to fit in your new home? We are experts at altering the rugs to different sizes.  Perhaps you have found that dream Nepalese rug available in 10x14 that needs to fit a 10x10 space we can help. We work with Portland's top dealers & designers with such needs all the time. 


Don't like the fringe end look on your rug?  We can hide fringe without destroying its value. Or we can remove the fringe completely if desired. Have damaged fringe, We can also repair fringe to look like new or match existing fringe on a vintage or antique rug to make the repair look age-relevant to the original.  

I have a hole in my rug what can be done?

At Renaissance Rug Cleaning   "We make problems, disappear" We repair holes, fraying, and missing pile all the time. The sooner these damages are addressed the less costly the repair will be.  We have built an extensive library of restoration yarns to fix just about any rug and any issue 

Reweaving of a Turkish Yatak rug done at our workshop in SE Portland from start to completion of the repair. 

Reweave of a Persian Kazvin circa 1930s at our workshop  damaged by a potted plant 

 Feel free to contact us with any questions the staff at Renaissance Rug Cleaning would love to hear from you.


Renaissance  Your  Rug! 

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About Us

Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a  workshop for the cleaning and repair of area rugs and oriental carpets serving commercial and retail clients located in Portland, Oregon