rug padding and underlaymnets for area rugs

Area Rug Pads

Rug pads make your home more comfortable and livable and protect your rugs from everyday use. All our rug pads are engineered to be used with oriental rugs and area carpets 

Our area rug padding is rated for radiant floor heating use. 

Are Rug Pads Necessary?  

The truth is, your rugs might be fine without a rug pad. Rug padding has different performance aspects, from the safety of reducing slipping on hardwood floors to keeping area rugs from buckling and extending the life of your rug by cushioning foot traffic. Below we will talk about the benefits of rug pads and how to select the pad that's right for your lifestyle and area rug.   

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Area rug pads made in the USA

Thick Rug Pad 

Medium thickness

Rug Pad  

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Thin Rug Pad 

How to choose the right rug pad  USA

Carpet and Rug Insitue green lable certified

One rug pad is not right for every situation 


- Thin non-slip area carpet pads keep rugs from buckling or skidding on hardwood floors in a high-traffic entry room or hallway. A great choice when keeping in place is a top concern. 


-A thick rug mat adds more rug cushion feel underfoot and insulation qualities in a living room, family room, or bedroom carpet.  A thick carpet pad provides more sound absorption in a living room, upstairs common area, or hallway absorbing sound and vibrations from foot traffic, tv, and music transmitted through floors, tile, and hard surfaces. 


- Medium thickness pad is an option with the qualities of both pads more sound absorption and cushion but a lower profile for door clearance issues  

For many its a combination of these factors. 

All our Padding is engineered for area rugs, not repurposed wall-to-wall carpets pad 


  • Our padding is designed for hard surfaces such as wood, tile, concrete, engendered laminates, and vinyl. Our underlayments are rated for radiant flooring heating compatibility. 

  • Our underlayment is washable, non-toxic, and USA-made from new carpet production scrap and production overrun material 100% recycled material from what is otherwise waste products from carpet manufacturing.

  • Our padding is made to last for decades of heavy floor use. In recent years, we've moved away from traditional rubber-backed pads and synthetic rubber to vinyl backing that provides better stability, longevity, and performance. It doesn't leave a powdery residue on your floors 

Our pad comes in 12' ft roll goods and we stock standard sizes such as 3x5, 4x6, and 8x10 rug pads. We custom-cut rug pads to fit unusual rug sizes and oversized rugs.  

Best rug pad for hardwood floors

We carry waterproof rug pads to protect your floors from liquid spills and pet accidents from

 rug pad wizards. Our vinyl-backed rug pad provides a strong grip on your floors. Vinyl backed pad is superior to synthetic rubber and natural rubber-backed pads, it lasts much longer and is much more durable than natural or synthetic rubber-backed rug pads 

Sides and ends of your oriental rug uneven?  We custom-cut rug pads too! 
Custom Rug Pads

For oriental carpet and machine area rugs, the pad should be smaller than the carpet we suggest 1-2" in from the sides and end of the body of the carpet.

For example, 8x10 pad with a throw rug size is 8x10 the pad size would be 7.10" x 9.10"


Give us a call with your sizes and we will custom cut rug pads to the size you need and have them ready for pick up. We can also deliver rug pads for a small delivery service charge. Give us a call we are your pad source for rugs in portland

Cutting Area Rug Pads At Home

Our thin rug pads/ underlayments are easy to custom cut rug pads at home with a pair of household scissors. We often stock precut rug pads up to 8x10 size for our clients on the go or call in your size and we will custom cut rug pads to size and have it ready when you drop by our rug cleaning facility to pick-up 

Rug Pad Cleaning 

A pet accident, liquid spill, construction soil whatever it may be we can wash rug pads we sell just like we wash rugs. We continually search out better products for our clients our whole rug padding line-up can be washed just like your oriental carpets. Unlike rubber backed carpet pad, our Vinyl backed rug pad holds up very well to repeated cleaning 

Carpet padding is not engineered to be used with area rugs and stapled to the floor under the wall-to-wall carpet; these pads for carpets are not suitable for area rug use. 

Because carpet pads are not made for area rugs, they stretch and quickly disintegrate; worst of all, they often fail at keeping rugs from slipping. 

Carpet Pad For Area Rugs