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rug and rug padding  underlaymnets for area rugs

 Area Rug Pads

You need your rugs to stay in place, and our high-quality nonslip area rug pads make your home more comfortable by...

  • Extend the life of your area rugs,

  • Reduce wear in high-traffic areas,

  • Keep your rugs in place,

  • Protect the floor underneath 

Learn more about the benefits of our high quality rug padding. 

Did You Know cushion Fiber Pads Wear Out.

Rug pads take a beating under your oriental rugs on hard surfaces. Padding absorbs the force & energy from foot traffic and, over time, loses its cussioning and nonslip properties. Rubber backings dry out and Loosen their grip on smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors, minimizing their ability to keep your rug in place.

How To Choose The Right Rug Pad Cushion 



- Thin Pad

 Our thin low profile pad is ideal for thin area rugs. It helps keep rugs from buckling and prevents slips when the floor underneath is hardwood or laminate in a high-traffic entry room or hallway. Also a great choice when door clearance is an issue. The surface of our pads grips the back of your rug and helps combat carpet shit or buckling. 


-Thick Pad

A thick carpet padding provides a softer feel underfoot and extra cushioning and insulation qualities and protects rugs and floors from heavy furniture. A thick carpet pad provides more sound absorption in a living room, upstairs common area, or hallway, absorbing sound and vibrations from foot traffic, TV, and music transmitted through floors, tile, and hard surfaces. 

Rug Pad Characteristics 

All our felt Padding is engineered for area rugs, not repurposed carpet pad for area rugs made from foam carpet padding. 

  • Our Felted nonslip rug pad keeps your rug in place and is designed for hard surfaces such as wood, tile, concrete, engendered laminates, and vinyl, not rubber backing. Because of this, our underlayments

  • are rated for radiant flooring heating and will not damage floors from our low profile to think pad.

  • Our rug pad is waterproof and pet-proof, protecting the floor; you can spot clean your rug at home safely. 

  • Our padding is washable, non-toxic, and USA-made from new carpet production scrap and production of over 100% recycled material from what is otherwise waste products from carpet manufacturing.

  •  In recent years, we've moved away from traditional laytex rubber-backed pads and synthetic rubber to in favor of vinyl backing. Natural Rubber backed padding dries out in a few years and leaves a powdery residue on your floors. Vinyl provides better stability, longevity, performance and won't discolor wood floors.

  • Our pads hold rugs in place much better than latex rubber-backed pads and last much longer.

  • Our rug pad is highly recommended by Portland's top rug retailers they use our pads in their own homes   

Our pad comes in 12' ft roll goods, and we stock standard sizes such as 3x5, 4x6, and 8x10 rug pads. As a full service rug company. We custom-cut rug pads to fit unusual rug pad size needs and oversized rugs and often free shipping.

Best Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors

Our pad not only holds rugs in place it's water proof, and pet proof to protect your floors from liquid spills and pet accidents. Our vinyl-backed rug pad provides a strong grip on your floorsholds rugs in place much better.


Custom cutting rug pads
Sides and ends of your oriental rug uneven?  We custom-cut rug pads too! 

How To Measure For A Rug Pad

For oriental carpets and machine area rugs, rug pad size should be smaller than the carpet. We suggest 1-2" in from the sides and end of the body of the carpet and it's easy to easily trimmed.

For example, a throw rug size is 8x10 so the pad size would be 7.10" x 9.10"

Custom Rug Pads


Give us a call with your sizes, and we will custom-cut pads to the size you need for the perfect fit and have them ready for pickup. We can also deliver pads for a small delivery service charge in the Portland metro area. 


Cutting Pads At Home

Our thin and medium pads can be trimmed at home with household scissors for a perfect fitting non slip pad.  We often stock precut rug pads up to 4x6 to 6x9 sizes for our clients on the go or call in your size, and we will custom cut rug pads to size you give us and have it ready when you drop by our rug cleaning facility to pick-up 

Area rug pad and back of rug
Rug Pad Cleaning 

A pet accident, liquid spill, construction soil, whatever it may be, we can wash rug pads we sell just like we wash rugs. We continually search out better products for our clients; our whole rug padding line-up can be washed just like your oriental carpets. Unlike rubber-backed carpet pad, our Vinyl backed rug pad holds up very well to repeated cleaning. 

Rug Pad To Use On Carpet

Rugs on carpeted floors need carpet-to-carpet rug pads are specialized paddings to combat carpet shift, or  It's important to note that wall-to-wall carpet is not engineered to be used with area rugs.


Since rug pads used on the carpet are different from hard surface rug pads. Without a pad area, rugs can stretch and damage rugs, causing expensive repairs. these can me most present at entry points with door threshold issues 


Our Service Area 

Renaissance provides cleaning & repair services to the Portland metro area and beyond 



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