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Wool Rug Cleaners 

Area Rug Cleaning


"Wool rugs are cherished by many for their multitude of benefits. Firstly, wool is a natural, renewable resource, with sheep producing a new fleece every year, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Wool rugs are also renowned for their durability; they can withstand high foot traffic areas and retain their beauty over the years. The fibers possess an inherent crimp, which provides a natural resilience against compression, making them bounce back quickly, thereby resisting wear and tear.  Its hypoallergenic characteristics are a boon for those with sensitivities, and its capacity to absorb common indoor pollutants improves indoor air quality.

Lastly, the plushness and warmth offered by wool rugs underfoot render an unparalleled comfort, making them an ideal choice for any interior setting.

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Why Clean Wool Area Rugs Outside The Home

Wool is highly absorbent and helps keep your home clean. Because of this, wool area rugs hold much more soil than you might imagine and benefit from deep cleaning or full immersion rug washing. This type of cleaning is only possible with in-plant rug cleaning.

Hot water extraction and carpet cleaning rental machines fail to remove deeply embedded soils. 

How Do You Dry Wet Wool

After washing, We use a variety of water removal methods. 

Centrifugal spinning is one. Our rug centrifuges remove water from rugs and involve spinning the rugs at fifteen hundred RPMs to extract excess water.


Much like the spin cycle on a clothes washing machine, wet rugs go from soaking wet to 95% mosture removal and dry to the touch in under 2 minutes. 

 Fast, efficient wool drying is important, and our specialized equipment is not portable and cannot be used in your home or approximated with carpet steam cleaning. 

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Are Wool Rugs Hard
To Wash?


Some wool rugs can be hard to wash, for example, color issues and wear.

In some rug productions rugs are touched up wit hink, and chalk to hide imperfections or damage. 


Wool rug cleaning is best undertakne by an experienced rug cleaner  


Our workshop is full of state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment as a specialized workshop for rugs common problems with wool carpets


Renaissance is a member of woolsafe an organization dedicated to cleaing products safe for wool and people 

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Is a member of ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) Randy the owner has served and president, board member, and educator for the organization over the past 10 years 

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