Rug Hanging Systems 

Renaissance Rug Cleaning makes custom museum-quality hanging systems for rugs and other woven textiles for decorative display. This is a great option for old tribal rugs that have seen a century or more of use on the floor. Often at a tipping point, these textiles become fragile and used on the floor too aggressively and will destroy them in years or hand them for generations of use. 

Rug Sleve Mounting 

With a sleeve mount, we hand sew a canvas sleeve to the back of your rug so a decorative curtain rod can be placed through the sleeve for hanging on a wall.

This mounting system is fully reversible and causes no damage. change or alteration the rug.  

Rug Velcro Mounting 

With a Velcro mount, one side of velcro is sewn to a heavy canvas tape that is then hand sewn to the back of the rug. The barb pice of velcro I mounted to wood and attached to the wall. This method keeps the rug closer to the wall it's also the preferred hanging method in museums. 


Again, this system is reversible and not harmful or destructive to the rug or textile. The hand sewing can easily be removed at any time without alteration to the rug. By nature, these handing systems distribute the weight of textiles evenly preventing sagging or stretching.