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Frequently Asked Questions 

Rug Cleaning, Rug Repair and Rug Value  Questions 

Where can i take my rug for cleaning?

Most cities have professional rug cleaners, like us for example. Renaissance Rug Cleaning specializes in rug cleaning in fact it’s all we do. If I was shopping for a rug cleaner  I would ask around to friend, co-worker call local rug retailers usually they know reputable cleaners in town. Call cleaners and ask what they do, do they have a wash plant and can you visit the wash plant. I say this because in the internet age people can pretend to be anything they want that slick web page is nice but your rug might go to a home garage with dirty floors and poor cary and custody standards, lack of liability insurance.

 How much does oriental rug cleaning cost?

Cleaning often varies by rug type and any specific issues our standard cleaning price is 4.60 sq ft. For wool and synthetic rugs, silk and some specialty rugs are 5.50 in some extreme cases such as fire, floods for example we need to see the rug to determine a price. These rugs require a lot more work.

Where can i drop off my rug to be cleaned

Renaissance Rug Cleaning is open weekdays from 9:30- 5:30 for drop- off’s and pick-up’s no appointment is needed and we have easy off-street parking 

How long does it take to get a rug clean? 

Typically, rug cleaning takes 7-10 business days. It also depends on any specific stains, repairs or other issues we are working on in these cases it may take longer 

Can you clean a rug yourself?

Yes, it's possible to clean a rug at home; the most significant issues we see from home cleaning are color run or bleeding and trouble getting rugs dry. Test the colors before you wash the rug to see if they are stable with your cleaning solutions. A wet rug can weigh seven times its dry weight wet, so consider how you will get that rug dry before you start cleaning. 

Are Antique Rugs Valuable 

Some are and some are not. There are a number of variables as to what makes a rug valuable other than age and condition. Some tribal rugs are rare or some rug designs are uncommon and drive value. At times certain antique rug design become popular with  designers and these drive higher values   

Is renting a rug doctor cleaner worth it?

Carpet cleaning machines are low moisture cleaning systems. Oriental rugs are made from moisture-absorbent natural fibers that hold mosture making low-mosture systems less effective at getting an Oriental rug clean. Additionally, proper rug cleaning is a 2 part of cleaning process where dry soil is removed first. Specialized dry soil removal equipment is needed to remove dirt that hides deep in the base of the carpet to remove. This equipment is not possible to use in your home. Oriental rugs can hold substantial amounts of dry soil; if not removed, it stalls and inhibits effective rug washing and getting your carpet clean 

How much does rug repair cost?

We really need to see rugs to give firm repair quotes, we can give an range from photos emailed to us but many issues such as a small hole that’s a symptom of much bigger mildew or dry rot damage in a rug can’t be determined for a photo

Do dry cleaners clean oriental rugs?

Some dry cleaners take on small rug cleaning projects. Cleaning large room-size rugs is not possible in most dry cleaning facilities because of space and the rug-specific nature of nature area rug cleaning and specialized equipment.

Do you ever offer rug classes? 

The owner teaches in the rug industry with ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) cleaning and new rug production. At this time we have no educational events with rugs planned at this time keep asking us maybe he will do something in the future. 

How do I know if my area rug is valuable?

You can drop the rug by our workshop or send us a few photos, several photos of the front and back pics with good detail. Typically we can give you the age origin and approximate value range 

Can oriental rugs be steam cleaned?

Heat and strong detergents can be harmful to wool, silk, and other natural fibers. Heat is an essential component of hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Heat significantly improves detergency and cleaning efficiency, but it's a catch-22. More heat and better cleaning but improved detergency have detrimental effects on natural fibers like wool and silk. Heat combined with detergents can damage fibers and dyes, resulting in color bleeding, loss, and fading. Even when temperatures are reduced, and wool-safe cleaning products are used, there is a limit in performance and soil removal with extraction type cleaning.

Area rug pick up 

Renaissance provides rug pick up and delivery service in the metro area on weekdays. It's easy, simply call our office and our staff will schedule a rug pick-up 

Can oriental rugs be cleaned at home

People clean rugs at home all the time, typically smaller rugs. As the size increase so do the issues the biggest being drying a large wet rug. That 6x9 rug easily carried out to the driveway to wash now weighs 200+ pounds wet how do you move it and how do you get it dry?

What's the best way to clean a rug?

We favor washing rugs it's the most thorough and gentle way to clean rugs. It surprises some people but all new handwoven rugs are washed as a way to "finish" rugs before export. It's also the way they were intended to be cleaned, not steam cleaned or shampooed

Can You Appraise My Rug From A Photo?  

We can give you the origin, age, and what similar rugs sell for but we cannot appraise your rug from photos. We cannot see possible issues from photos such as rotten areas, certain types of damage or repairs from photos that can substantially impact the value of a rug. 

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-We periodically service the Oregon coast, Hood River, Welches, Rhododendron, and Central Oregon, including Bend, Redmond, and sites  call for availability 


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