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Renaissance Rug Cleaning provides rug cleaning service to Happy Valley and Clackamas County.  At Renaissance, we specialize in what we know cleaning oriental rugs and area rugs it's our primary business not an add on service. We are rug specialists that clean Persian, Turkish, Tribal, and modern area rugs. 

We are well known in the metro area for providing top quality rug cleaning and repair services for Persian, Turksih & tribal rugs.  We specialize in the expert cleaning of rugs and related textiles. Don't take our word for it for references we suggest you call around to portlands top rug dealers we work with all of them. 

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Rug Repair 

We don't just clean rugs we also specialize in hand repairs of oriental rugs and area carpets. We have a full staff of professionals ready to repair and mend your damaged rug whether it's a dog chewed corner or a rotten area from a potted plant. We have the experience to make your rug look good again