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Renaissance Rug Cleaning Social Media 

In the digital relm. Stay connected with Renaissance. For aficionados of exquisite rugs and those in need of top-tier rug care, Renaissance Rug Cleaning offers a window into its world of craftsmanship and expertise through its social media channels. Designed not just to showcase but also to educate, these feeds are a blend of visual delight and knowledge dissemination.


 Dive deep into the meticulous process of cleaning and restoration that sets Renaissance Rug Cleaning apart. Through our regularly updated social media platforms, witness the transformation of time-worn rugs being rejuvenated, their intricate patterns and vibrant colors coming back to life. Every post serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence, underscoring our detail-oriented approach in every project.

Stay Informed with Real-time Updates: In a fast-paced world, being informed in real-time is invaluable. Renaissance Rug Cleaning ensures its patrons are always in the loop. Whether it's introducing a new cleaning technique, the latest equipment addition, or a fascinating tidbit about rug history, working overseas our social media channels promises a blend of entertainment and enlightenment.

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Photo from Randy's site visits to the rug-weaving workshop Dashte Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan

Renaissance rug owner Randy carding wool and silk blend for a special rug project in Wardak, Afghanistan 2020


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wool carding Afghanistan
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