What You Need to Know About Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique Rug Cleaning Portland

Antique Rugs are an integral part of many homes, and they can often do a lot to enhance the decor of any room. However, they can also be hard to clean, especially if they are old or antique carpets with wear, damage, and stains. In many cases, antiques need special attention, and it is best to hire professional rug cleaners to handle the job.

The benefits of hiring professional rug cleaners

There are several benefits that come with hiring professional rug cleaners. They have experience working with old worn rugs, and they can mitigate possible problems in cleaning as well as timely repairs to extend the life of your antique Persian rug will make sure that the job is done right.

If a person decides to do it themselves, they run the risk of damaging their antique carpets by bleeding colors during washing or a failure to get a rug dry, causing mold and mildew damage from slow-drying carpets. 

How To Choose The Best Rug Cleaner For Your Needs

Since rugs absorbed so much soil at some point they can be a major source of allergens in the home such as dirt, pet hair, and other debris. Antique area carpets should be cleaned every 1-3 years depending on their use to avoid these issues.

Whether you are looking for the best rug cleaner or professional rug cleaning service, there are several factors to consider when making your decision. How much experience does your local rug cleaner have, seek out cleaners with experience?


Call around to reputable rug retailers and find out whom they use. How long has the rug cleaner been in business, does the cleaner know anything about your rugs are they handmade rugs, what country are they from, are they new, vintage or antique rugs? 

Are they members of a rug cleaners association such as ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists)  

How to Choose the Right Rug Cleaning Method for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the right rug cleaning method for your needs, it is important to consider the type of rug. For example, if you have a dry clean-only rug there are some extra steps and precautions that you need to take. However, it's best to consult your professional rug cleaner for consultation on cleaning. In some situations, dry cleaning may not effectively remove some stains and odors like pet urine.  

Renting a rug-cleaning machine from home depot or lowes generally results in poor quality cleaning of rugs at home. The same is true with shampoo rental machines they simply fail to remove build-up soils in new and antique rugs. 


While these methods avoid the risk of ruining your old rugs by using too much water or by not drying them properly they also fail to remove many types of soiling and can activate some odors.  

Is Cleaning Bad For Antique Rugs & Carpets


Any museum textile conservator will tell you that cleaning by nature is destructive. In the process of cleaning, no matter how delicate, results in a loss of fiber; typically, this fiber loss is damaged by use and abrasion from the soil in the rug.


However, soils are also destructive. More than that, soils amplify the effects of damage from foot traffic by abrasion. Soil, such as cooking oils, proteins, and starches, amplify the impact of moisture and sunlight and, in turn, accelerate textile deterioration. These soils also make oriental rugs more hospitable to destructive pests like wool moths and carpet beetles. 

How to Prevent Spotting on Your Rugs After They're Cleaned


Spots happen but spotting rugs should not be taken lightly. Improper spotting of a rug can cause permanent damage to your rug, and the stains will be difficult even impossible to remove.

The first step in preventing spots is by vacuuming them thoroughly on a weekly basis or more frequently with rugs and carpets in a high-traffic setting such as an entryway to remove light soiling so it doesn't build up in the carpet foundation.

Seek out professional rug cleaning advice on spotters like here and stay away from mystery concoctions found on the web or store-purchased cleaners that are too aggressive to spot clean antique oriental carpets. 

Call your local rug cleaning service and ask for suggestions on how to spot specific stains on your fine rugs 

At Renaissance, we know the difference, and our cleaning is adjusted to the rug, client's needs, and expectations. At times extra gentle rug cleaning is essential, and the use of screens and soaking is the way to wash antique carpets and Renaissance we know the difference.