Antique Rug Cleaning 

The owners of Renaissance Rug Cleaning have worked with heirloom and antique carpets for over 35 years. Caring for antique rugs is a passion for the Renaissance staff; we view our works as caretakers for antique woven textiles for future generations.

Antique Rug Cleaning at Renaissance Rug Cleaning

What You Should Know About  Antique Carpet Cleaning 

Cleaning antique weavings require adaptability and adjustment to cleaning methods. The standard 5-step rug cleaning process fails when methods used on new rugs are applied to antique carpets can often be harmful and destructive to antique textiles. 

 Antique and vintage carpets become compromised and fragile over time, subject to foot traffic combined with abrasive soils causing degradation to woven structures. Treating antique Persian carpets the same as new rugs can be a costly and destructive mistake. 

Is Cleaning Bad For Antique Rugs


Any museum textile conservator will tell you that cleaning by nature is destructive. In the process of cleaning, no matter how delicate, results in a loss of fiber; typically, this fiber loss is damaged by use and abrasion from the soil in the rug.  

However, soils are also destructive. More than that, soils amplify the effects of damage from foot traffic by abrasion. Soil, such as cooking oils, proteins, and starches, amplify the impact of moisture and sunlight and, in turn, accelerate textile deterioration. These soils also make oriental rugs more hospitable to destructive pests like wool moths and carpet beetles. 

At Renaissance, we know the difference, and our cleaning is adjusted to the rug, client's needs, and expectations. At times extra gentle rug cleaning is essential, and the use of screens and soaking is the way to wash antique carpets and Renaissance we know the difference. 

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