Maintaining Your Wool Area Rugs And Carpets

Updated: Jul 21

Nothing adds warmth and luxury to your home like a wool rug. We have created five pro tips to keep your wool carpets looking great for years to come

Wool, the amazing fiber for rugs

The properties of wool make wool area rugs ideal for homes wool is; mold, mildew, fire-resistant, and wool is hypoallergenic.

Wool holds up to 20% of mosture buy weight when dry, and wool's unique properties of absorbing and releasing humidity keep wool resilient and durable. The natural static charge in wool and its absorption and release of mosture relative to humidity means wool pulls pollutants from the air. Wool helps clean and keep your indoor environment clean by absorbing dust from the air, and dirt from foot traffic. Wool is a natural air filter absorbing soils, pollutants, and chemicals. Like any air filter, wool can only hold so much soil and air pollutants before it needs cleaning; wool needs your help.

I want you to think of your area carpets as symbiotic relationship wool gives you a lot but, wool needs little a little love, and respect in return.

1 Vacuum Your Wool Carpets Frequently

Soil can accumulate quickly on area rugs, so frequent vacuuming helps reduce the build-up of household particulate soils. These heavy soils work their way into the foundation of your rug, causing damage and accelerated deterioration of wool. Soiled wool is also a more desirable habitat for wool moths, so vacuuming helps keep wool months away. Vacuuming helps reduces rug cleaning intervals and keeps your area rugs looking nice between cleanings, so vacuuming keeps your area carpets looking good and saves you money.

2 Rotate Your Rugs Seasonally

Rarely do rugs receive even use. One end might be under a sofa or in a high-traffic walkway. Turning your carpet's end for end evens out use and soiling and helps extend cleaning intervals. Reducing traffic patterns or wear by evening out the use on your rug. Additionally, frequent rotation also reduces the possibility of moths snacking on your carpet.

However, Vacuuming your rug and rotation isn't a fix for all soiling. Atomized soils such as cooking oils, smoke, and automobile exhaust stick to fibers; these soils are beyond the reach of dry soil removal methods such as vacuumes. Atmospheric soils are absorbed by a rug even in areas that don't receive use, even textiles displayed on a wall absorb these soils. At some point, wool has absorbed as much as it can, and your rug needs to be washed.

3 Be Prepared For Spots And Spills

Wool is durable and resilient; it has its weaknesses such as strong cleaning products that can damage wool. Many over-the-counter carpet spot cleaning products are too aggressive and formulated for synthetic carpets, not wool. These carpets cleaning products are strong alkaline cleaners that can damage natural fibers like wool, and their dyes and cause fading and bleeding. Wool fibers under alkaline conditions swell, absorb more mosture, and that spill or stain you are trying to remove. Unknowingly the owner has made the spot worse by using these products.

We offer free spot cleaning info, and it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the dos and don'ts of home rug care and spotting. We have free spot care info, and if you still are unsure, call us; we will walk you through how to work on a spot in-home.

4 Learn When To Call The Pros

Spot cleaning makes sense, and most spot spills respond best when addressed quickly. There are some spots and times when you should call the pros. Some spills require special cleaning products, chemistry, and tools.

Ink in a rug is a good example. Rarely does home spotting ink go well for consumers; ink requires special tools and specific spot removing cleaning products. Often, the rug owner realizes this mistake too late carpet permanent and irreversible damage has been done.

Pet urine accidents can be spotted at home in most cases. If the urine has sat for some time or you have discovered an area frequented by a pet where the rug is saturated, you can't remove it with spot cleaners or home methods. The rug must be washed to remove the source; enzyme sprays and deodorizers do not remove the source contaminant deeply embedded in the rug

5 Professional Rug Washing Service

Rugs can be expensive, and so can cleaning, Interview a potential cleaner. Ask lots of questions and ask to visit their rug wash plant. Do they have a cash and carry drop-off location? Do they have a real wash plant for cleaning area rugs or is it their home garage?

No legal definition of carpet and rug cleaning exists; when a cleaner says they will clean your oriental carpet, that can mean many different types of cleaning. By legal definition, vacuuming alone is "cleaning."

As a professional oriental rug cleaner, I can look at your rug and tell you the cleaning processes and steps that will be employed to clean your Persian carpet. I can tell you the age, origin, value, and if there are any concerns with cleaning your rug.

Consider visiting the cleaner's workshop; We like to show people what we do. We show customers and potential customers around all the time.

There should be no big mystery or secret when you get your rug cleaned. It's your property, and you have every right to know what will be done with your rug, the care, and the custody of your property.

Value and condition can be important to determine if a rug is worth cleaning or at the point of replacement. A good rug washplant will have someone on staff that can answer rug questions of age, origin, and value.

If you are looking for a professional oriental rug washing ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) can help you find a trained and certified rug cleaner like Renaissance Rug Cleaning inc.

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