Renaissance rug Cleaning Inc  is A locally Owned Rug  Cleaning &  Repair Workshop  That Specializes in Oriental Carpets & Area Rugs 

We clean your rugs without harsh chemicals that leave cleaning  residues,

chemical odors  or aggressive potentially damaging equipment 

 Area Rug Cleaners 

For over 21 years the family-owned workshop at Renaissance Rug Cleaning has been the only company in Portland that specializes in area rug cleaning, rug repairs/ restoration as a stand-alone business. While many cleaners provide rug cleaning services it's one of many services they offer. At Renaissance rug cleaning & repair is all we do. 



 For references, we suggest you call around to those that know rugs, Portland's knowledgeable rug dealers and then, stop by our shop for a tour. We look forward to working with you.  

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Renaissance  Your  Rug! 

(503) 963-8565

9:30-5:30 M-F


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About Us

Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a  workshop for the cleaning and repair of area rugs and oriental carpets serving commercial and retail clients in the NW  located in Portland, Oregon