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Shopping for Rug Cleaning Near You 

When shopping for a rug cleaning service it's common to look for a cleaner close to home. Is location base the most important thing or should you look for a cleaner that specializes in the type of cleaning service you need? For instance, wool rug cleaning or oriental rug cleaners, after all, rug and in-home carpet cleaning are different services the cleaning methods are different as are the skillsets of the technician. Here are some of our favorite tips for finding quality rug cleaning specialists. 

Look for a drop-off rug cleaning service that offers cash and carry or drop-off rug cleaning at their workshop. Rug cleaning shouldn't be a mystery it's your rug and you have every right to know how it will be cleaned. You should be able to tour the rug washing workshop and see how your rug will be cleaned.

This pic is of a carpet cleaner that's cleaning rugs in his home garage. This isn't proper rug cleaning; in fact, it's harmful to the rug, and when done, the rug is still dirty. The cost to properly clean an area rug is higher than hot water extraction for a wall-to-wall carpet. It's likely the owner of these rugs believed this cleaner had a proper wash plant, not the garage at his home. the steam cleaning takes maybe a half hour.  I teach professional rug cleaning, care, and custody of clients' property, and liability insurance do you think an insurance company is going to write a commercial inland marine policy on a residential garage?    

Steram cleaning wool rug
Washing antique Persian Sarouk

Rug cleaning is a specific type of cleaning with it's specialty equipment training and skill set. In-home carpets are typically machine tufted and glue backed and most are synthetic fibers such as nylon, olefin, and polypropylene.

In contrast, most oriental rugs are wool, silk, cotton, and sometimes other plant fibers. Natural fiber characteristics don't tolerate steam cleaning and it often results in unsatisfactory area rug cleaning. 

In contrast here is an antique oriental rug being flooded out with water and detergent to soak out the rug during the wash process taking several hours to complete. In a temperature & humidity controlled, commercial environment specifically engendered for rug cleaning services. 

Make sure the rug cleaning service you pick actually has rug cleaning facilities to properly clean your rug and care/custody of your fine area rugs. Check their address via Google maps, or take a visit to their cleaning facilities. Call around to local rug dealers for recommendations and ask the rug cleaner for references.

Just because a cleaner comes up in a Google search doesn't mean they have the facilities or expertise to care for your antique rug.

In this pic, we see a wash floor in a rug cleaning facility rugs are soaked, and water is flushed through the rugs. This is how oriental rugs and area rugs are meant to be cleaned when we say in-plant rug cleaning; this is what we mean, not steam cleaned.


Renaissace is PDX area rug cleaning experts

professional rug washing
Wool Rug Cleaning 

Make sure your cleaner understands the proper care of wool rugs and other natural fiber rugs. Cleaning wool rugs properly requires trading and specialized rug-cleaning equipment that most carpet cleaners don't have.

Renaissance Rug Cleaning Inc. is wool-safe certified, and we are a top choice Portland rug dealer for antique oriental rug cleaning. The process of wool rug cleaning involves vacuuming the rug, using a deep cleaning washing process to remove soils, and rapid drying. 

 It is imperative that you hire experts experienced in the cleaning of wool and other fine fibers properly so you can have peace of mind. 

 Wool area rugs have been a popular choice for floor covering in homes and commercial environments because of their durability and aesthetics to improve indoor environments. Wool rugs do require knowledgeably specialized cleaning with the right knowledge and tools.

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