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Finding A Rug Cleaning Service   

 A guide to getting an authentic local rug cleaning with your Google search. In the internet age a google search for cleaning is no safe bet for authentic rug washing. With a few slick photos, anyone can make a convincing website, that can catfished you into an unrealistic perception of cleaning.

  How do you know the cleaner you find is real local rug cleaner, with appropriate workshop to care for your rug ?

Does it matter, cleaning is cleaning right? 

 This pic is of a carpet cleaner that's cleaning rugs in his home garage. Rug and carpet cleaning are two different services, with different equipment, techniques, chemicals but often confused by consumers. 

Why should I care how my rug is cleaned ? 


Money- Real rug washing is much more labor intensive and involved process and therefore more expensive. You might be getting charged for a full  rug washing washing price but getting a light surface cleaning or hot water extraction.


 Rug washing and steam cleaning are two different methods used to clean rugs and carpets. Each method has its own advantages and may be more suitable depending on the type of rug you have and the level of cleaning required.

Steram cleaning wool rug

Rug Cleaner 

This image is a well rug professional rug cleaning workshop in Texas Called Dalworth's it is probably the most plagiarized wash plant image in the world. 

Countless website have lifted this image and used it as their own to represent a rug cleaning workshop they don't actually have. 

Instead your rug might end up in a carpet cleaners home garage and steam cleaned while the cleaner is leading you to believe your rug is in thier state of the art rug cleaning facility. 

In plant rug cleaning is a specific type of cleaning with it's specialty equipment training and skill set, and standard of care.

Natural fiber wool, silk, cotton characteristics don't tolerate steam cleaning with strong detergents and it often results in unsatisfactory cleaning, and in some cases damage, color bleed and color loss.

Here is an antique oriental rug being flooded out with water and detergent to soak out in a  wash process taking several hours to complete. In a temperature & humidity controlled, commercial environment specifically engendered for rug cleaning services. Licensed, insured and with a industry standard of care set by ARCS an industry association.


Cleaning process recommended by ARCS (association of Rug Care Specialists ) 

Washing antique Persian Sarouk

Make sure the local rug cleaning service you pick actually has rug cleaning facility to properly clean your rug. Here are tips to make a smart choice when shopping for rug cleaning



  • Do they allow drop- off rug cleaning at their shop and have regular business hours? 

  •  Check their address via Google maps is their workshop a home address or post office box, Verified Google my business page? 

  •  Take a driver and visit their cleaning facilities do they have the workshop to clean rugs? 

  • Call around to local rug dealers for recommendations and ask the rug cleaner for references.

Remember, Just because a cleaner comes up in a Google search for Rug Cleaners doesn't mean they have the facilities or expertise to care for your antique rug.

In this pic, we see a wash floor in a rug cleaning facility rugs are soaked, and water is flushed through the rugs. This is how oriental rugs and area rugs are meant to be cleaned when we say in-plant rug cleaning; this is what we mean, not steam cleaned.


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