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Area Rug Trends 2024 

Morrocaan rug design trends

Over the past decade, There has been a growing demand for area rugs and carpets made from natural and eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, wool, jute, sisal, and bamboo. These materials are viewed as a more sustainable and environmentally conscious option for homeowners; However, these fibers lack the durability and resiliency of wool.

Buyers are beginning to reconsider these choices, and we see a pushback on eco-friendly plant fiber due to poor performance back to wool. While wool's eco-friendliness is questioned, its durability and longevity, or the "dust to dust" cycle, also known as the "cradle to grave" cycle, is a concept that describes the life cycle of a product from its creation to its eventual disposal.


It highlights the resources, energy, and environmental impacts associated with a product throughout its entire lifecycle, including extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal.


We are seeing a more savvy consumer move away from Plant fibers back to wool, and its eco-friendliness is seen in its longevity and durability. 

Design Trends 

Vintage And Retro Style Rugs

 Retro-inspired area rugs and carpets have gained popularity, with designs that hark back to the mid-century modern era or vintage motifs. These styles can add a touch of nostalgia and character to a space. Some rugs are new rugs given a retro finish, pile cut low, and a washed-out faded or overdye to add a look of use and age. This trend is weaning but not the overall retro rug market; rug buyers are experimenting with vintage rugs.


Geometric Rug Patterns

 Geometric patterns have been a prominent trend in interior design forever, so rugs and carpets featuring bold geometric shapes, such as chevrons, hexagons, and trellis designs, are popular choices for adding visual interest and contemporary style to a room. Often complimenting furniture and structural design elements, we see a strong correlation between rug, room, and future in custom one-off rug design. This trend will continue, particularly in commercial environments.

Stacks of vintage Turkish rugs
Modern Interior Design
Rug Color Forecasting

Color forecasting or predicting and identifying future colors for interior design; color trend forecasting analyzes consumer behavior, cultural influences, social movements, and other factors to determine the colors that are likely to be popular. These forecasts are published in color trend reports and are used by designers, manufacturers, and retailers for product development and design decisions.


Rug color forecasting has become important over the past two decades. The Bespoke rug design market has expanded, where retailers work with you to create custom-made rugs. Consumers have the power to make custom rugs in the colors and designs they want. There appears to be a widening disconnect between color forecasting and consumer choices in the Bespoke customer rug market. 

We are starting to see consumers at odds with color forecasting trends that seek their own "thing," and these rug buyers are finding a home in the vintage & bespoke rug market; we see this trend gaining more momentum. 


Moroccan rugs, styles, and designs have become so popular that India and Afghanistan both make Morrocan designs and styling natural colors in wool and sizes to meet the needs of consumers; interior designers favor their natural color tones as a backdrop for interior design. Morrocan rugs fit two common design trends that can look contrary or tribal at an attractive price, and we think this look has some staying power for now.   

Type of Rug

 Adding texture and layers through rugs and carpets has been a popular trend. High-pile rugs, shag rugs, mixed weave techniques, woven pile, Kilim and sumac weave, as well as carving, add three-dimensional elements to floor coverings and textured weaves provide a cozy and tactile element to a room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Yet, this look adds to const and has some drawbacks; we see this trend taking a back seat for now.

Antique rugs, particularly tribal and village rugs, Antique Kilims with bold colors and a more rustic tribal look. In this market, buyers favor rugs showing their age with some wear, slight color fading, and old repairs that add charisma and visually proclaim age. Antique rugs seem to be making a modest comeback; Grandma's living room rug has merit.


Overall the area rug and carpet trends for 2023 and 2024 show a diversifying and broadening of color and design outside forecasting models. The bespoke custom rug and vintage rug & carpet market has become a driver that colors trends and forecasting from Pantone and CMG (Color Marketing Group) are starting to take a back seat to consumer wants and demands. 

 Brick-and-mortar rug dealers will become leaner, carrying less inventory and catering to client-driven rug expectations, particularly custom rugs. Vintage rug retailers will have their place; many will choose online sales, micro- retail locations, or Shared retail space, and shared or collaborative retail.

In this possible future mid-level brick-and-mortar rug shops stocking already-made rugs for sale may not have a future. 

Rug Styles 
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