How Often Should I Clean My Rugs

Many variables exist in cleaning intervals with your fine oriental rugs. Cleaning every 12-18 months might be appropriate for some rugs a waste of money


The Benefits of Regular Rug Cleaning

Cleaning your rugs is important and there are benefits to doing so cleaning...

  • Extends the Life of your Carpet and keeps it Looking New. ​Soil build-up in your carpet not only makes your rug look bad but soil damage fibers 

  • Removes Stains and odors. Rug absorbed soils from feet and the air and your rug can start to smell over time cleaning removes odors from carpets 

  • Since a rug absorbs soil a clean rug helps maintains a healthier home environment by being able to absorb more soils 

  • Keeps your area rug and home looking beautiful 

Cleaning intervals should depend on where a rug is used in a home, 
In some cases, wool area rugs can go years, even a decade, between cleaning in areas with low traffic, such as formal dining rooms. High-traffic family rooms and entry rugs, yearly cleaning is beneficial.
We don't believe in a set interval for cleaning; we suggest using your senses, or the three D's as we call it.


-Does the rug smell clean, or does it smell dusty or other unusual odors?

-Does the rug feel clean when you rub your hand across the pile, or does it leave your hand feeling dirty?

-Does it look clean, Has the color lost its brilliance, can you see dirt spots, do the end tassel/fringe look clean or grey and dirty?


Rug Cleaning intervals aren't a blanket statement, and one size does not fit all situations. Canned answers such as "clean your rug every year" or "maintenance cleaning" might be right in some cases in others, it's wasting your money.

How Professional Rug Cleaning Works

Many variables exist in cleaning fibers, dyes, and the overall condition of the rug to be washed. Cleaning processes and steps are fine for many rugs, but there's a missing element, experience. 

Here, Val and Renaissance rug cleaning and worker pre-inspect and document an Antique Persian Bidjar. Val & Randy have over 30 years of experience working with oriental rugs and other woven carpets. Renaissace cleans thousands of rugs a year and working with oriental rugs and area carpets is all we do. 

Think of this as a job interview for your rug. We want to know your rug and we are looking at the condition and any issues our trained and experienced eye can find


Finding a Skilled Rug Cleaner 

 The area rug world is full of thousands of different styles of rugs, machine-made rugs, Persian carpets, vintage Turkish rugs, and Chinese carpets, to name a few. Finding a cleaner that understands the unique needs of area carpets is important and at times challenging.

Experienced and knowledgeable rug cleaners can spot issues less experienced cleaners, miss. Some rugs have structural issues, others have unstable dyes or color bleed, and other poorly done rug repairs are dry rot and hard to catch to an inexperienced eye. Rug issues that manifest during cleaning intensive deep cleaning of rugs. 

Make sure a prospective cleaner has training and experience with rugs and rug cleaning 

About Renaissace Rug Cleaning Inc.

Serving Portland and the Pacific NW since 1999 Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a specialty workshop that focuses on the cleaning and repair of area rugs, Persian carpets, Turkish rugs, and other hand-woven textiles.


 The Renaissance advantage, We are a unique rug service we don't provide a wide variety of cleaning services we focus on what we know about Oriental and area rugs.


If you have questions about what we do feel free to call us at (503) 963-8565 or drop by our workshop for a tour and see what we do, no appointment is needed 

Here's the other owner of Renaissance Rug Cleaning Randy teaching rug chemistry, washing, and production standards to carpet producers in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2020. Randy regularly consults and teaches about rug cleaning, dyeing, and rug finishing. Randy is a past 2 term President of ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) a trade group dedicated to professionalism in rug cleaing 

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