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Area Rugs for Sale: Find the Best Deals on Styles for Every Home

Updated: Feb 8

Area rug sale
How to navigate rugs sales

Searching for area rugs for sale that don’t break the bank? Get straightforward insights on snagging high-quality, yet affordable rugs. Dive into where to find these budget-friendly pieces for every room in your home.

In the past oriental rugs were synonymous with luxury, wealth, and social status; an oriental rug was expensive and out of the reach of many. In the 20th century, oriental rugs went mainstream, and today you don’t need to be wealthy to enrich your home with a quality handmade rug, style and grace is affordable.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find high-quality area rugs at affordable prices from a variety of local store like Tufenkian and Christiane Millinger, online stores like Rubicon Rugs, Boutique Rugs and, in some cases up to 75% off on popular sizes without compromising on quality.

  • Discount rugs don't have to be cheap in quality you can find the perfect rug that not only elevate the aesthetic of your home with style and variety but also offer comfort and warmth; advisable to consider the fiber quality and construction for the best experience.

  • Shopping for clearance rugs requires attention to materials, construction, styles, and design; understanding these will help you preserve or sell your rug at the best value, with the option of convenient storage tips for heirloom pieces.

Discover Affordable Area Rugs

Area rugs are often seen as the ideal way to finish off a room, they can be costly. Fortunately, it is possible to find great quality area rugs at reasonable prices if you know where to look! Websites like Boutique Rugs and have clearance collections featuring various styles - from outdoor ones for patios or soft shag types for living rooms - all with discounted rates that won’t break your budget. Thankfully too, these clearanced items still maintain their good standard of quality despite the more affordable price tag so finding an appropriate rug will not take up lots of funds either!

many rug styles and colors to choose from
Many rug options exist

Best Place to Buy Rugs

Friends' referrals and Google reviews are helpful when looking for rugs. A local rug dealer is the best place to buy rugs for a few reasons. Try before you buy to see if the rug is right for your space, and no pesky return shipping fees. You'll be able to explore the three-dimensional texture element of rugs in person. The feel of a plush pile, and the plush feel of a shag rug or soft rug made of silk, to a bold coarse jute rug and experience vibrant colors that don't show in a picture

Stylish Options for Every Space

Adding a fashionable area rugs to each room of your home gives you the opportunity to showcase your unique sense of style. Whether it’s in the bedroom or living area, there is always an ideal floor covering for every space. Great options are wool rugs that provide both warmth and comfort, as well as light colored ones with eye-catching designs, perfect if you have limited areas where they can be placed! And versatile materials like polyester work nicely too. Even smaller 2’ x 3’ sizes create harmony throughout all parts of your abode.

Save Big on Popular Sizes

Discovering a great way to save on rugs is possible by searching for discounts on popular sizes. 8’x10’, 9’x12’, and 3’x5’s are the most common dimensions that can be found at discounted prices. If you can be flexible with size and forgiving or open to color and design you open yourself up to a lot more possibilities. What determines cost and savings varies depending upon type of rug materials used in manufacturing them, labor rates in the country made and their particular size. It might require some patience and detective work as well as smart purchasing skills to locate your perfect rug which fits into your home without breaking the bank.

Enhance Your Home with Discount Rugs

Discount rugs are not only a beautiful addition to any home, but they also bring comfort and warmth. When selecting your rug of choice, there are important factors that should be taken into consideration like the quality of dyes used, construction workmanship, as well as colour scheme, size and shape requirements. What kind of materials make up a high-quality discount rug? Wool is renowned for its luxurious feel, so woolen or long pile selections such as shaggy rugs are perfect for achieving that warm cosy feeling in your abode.

When looking to purchase one online, there’s an abundance available with platforms such as Rugs USA, Wayfair, Amazon, Rugable & Rug Source all offering superb options at fantastic prices, making it easy on the pocket too!

Rug adding style to a living room
A rug can make the room

Great Quality at Low Prices

Finding great rugs at low prices may seem hard, but it is doable. Popular stores like West Elm, Rugs USA, Joss & Main and more have various options that fit any budget or personal style. From wool to olefin and cotton materials, their quality cheap rugs range from approximately $400 up to over ten thousand for luxury pieces that are perfect additions in a country home. No matter what your preference is when shopping for these types of items, you can definitely find something suited to you!

Soft and Luxurious Touch

The incredible feeling of sinking into the softness and luxury of a rug can bring great joy. Many customers that have purchased discounted rugs are particularly pleased with their comforting texture, even going so far as to suggest they would be more delightful if thicker! What better way is there to welcome one home at every step than such lavish comfort? Nothing could compare to this luxurious sensation after a long day out.

Tips for Shopping Clearance Rugs

Searching for clearance rugs can be a real thrill. Finding one at an unbeatable price is surely the best part, but it doesn’t end there, assessing quality becomes essential when selecting your perfect rug! Material, build type, knot count and design patterns are all important features to consider in deciding if this particular piece is just right for you.

Not only that, think about what colors or styles would match up with current decor as well as the space where it will eventually reside. It’s indeed a great opportunity to mix and match hues that blend nicely together making sure everything looks amazing!

Discount rugs for sale
Discount Rugs

Understanding Rug Values

Rug shopping can be an enriching experience if one takes into account all the factors that affect a rug’s value. The most important of these are its make, fiber makeup and historical facts. Good quality materials used in making rugs as well as their fibers determine durability, look and upkeep requirements. Meanwhile vintage ones have special significance for retaining such past charm & elegance. Antique pieces stand out to symbolize timelessness with stories behind them – thus becoming more valuable even across generations!

Preparing Your Rug for Sale

When the time comes to put your rug up for sale, it’s essential to prepare it properly in order to draw potential buyers. To do so, regular vacuuming is imperative for preserving all kinds of rugs. Synthetic fiber carpets can be treated with a vinegar solution while wool area rugs should be cleaned every other month using either specific detergent or mild laundry soap.

After getting the rug spotless, you need to photograph it professionally – natural light during an overcast day reveals its real colors and nuances better than any artificial one would! Showcase their patterns and textures clearly by capturing them on camera. This will help purchasers understand more about what they are purchasing from you.

Sell or Store: What to Do with Your Old Rug

Once you have settled on the ideal rug to purchase, what do you need to consider with your old one? Depending upon its age, origin and condition along with materials used in construction and design, there is a right answer. Selling it may be an option if accurate assessment of value can be obtained either through professional appraisal or counting knots per square inch for useful insights into quality levels achieved during craftsmanship. Alternatively, storage could also work. This requires correct storage methods so as not preserve its initial standards and future value over time.

Selling Your Rug Online

If you’re looking to sell your rug, online platforms such as eBay, Craigslist and Etsy offer great opportunities. To make a successful sale, be sure to write an attractive listing with plenty of information included about the item. To good quality photos for potential buyers. In order to reach more customers, use search filters or provide attractive policies that can aid people in making their purchase decision. This is especially helpful when trying to find particular users who are actively searching for what you’re offering. Ultimately setting fair prices will help boost the chances of success!

Storing Heirloom Rugs

When it comes to keeping an heirloom rug in good condition, the right storage environment is key. To ensure your precious item remains safe and of high quality, roll it up tightly and store vertically so as not to disrupt any fibers or cause creasing. Be sure that the space you have chosen for storing has little to no moisture present – this will help prevent mold growth or insect infestation from occurring over time. It’s also advisable once a year to give your stored rug an inspection. Just check out if there are signs like holes caused by moths etcetera visible on its surface since these need treating with urgency in order not affect its value negatively.

Additional Services and Benefits

When looking for rugs at an affordable price, customers can count on the added convenience and benefits of 24/7 customer service provided by a retail store. This makes getting assistance whenever needed so much easier, as well as fast and free shipping, which is often available when shopping online, all contributing to a great user experience. Plus returns are typically made easy with no-hassle returns accepted from most retailers who offer discounted rugs in their inventory.

Customer Support Around the Clock

Offering 24/7 assistance can improve your shopping experience. By having access to customer service at any time of day, this improves: satisfaction levels, staying power and sales for the rug store. Plus, it furthers recognition with customers.

The duties that fall under customer care in an online carpet shop comprise addressing product queries, responding to complaints or difficulties consumers have experienced while browsing their site, returning items if necessary and providing ongoing guidance after a purchase has been completed.

By ensuring quality client service is given quickly when inquiries arise along with various contact opportunities available make it possible to hold on strongly to loyal clients as well as maintaining long-term relationships over time.

Hassle-Free Shipping and Returns

One of the great advantages that come with buying rugs online is straightforward shipping and returns. Many retailers offer generous return policies, allowing you to make a switch within 30 days of receiving your order. What’s more, some outlets even cover return costs so customers can enjoy stress-free exchanges!

When it comes to packing up the rug for shipment, there are certain steps one should take: first wrap it in plastic sheeting before placing into an appropriately sized cardboard box, then add extra protection such as kraft paper or cotton cloth over its pile side, firmly seal off the package by taping around all edges. Include specific directions along with delivery address on outside surface of container if necessary. Bigger orders may be sent using FreightCenter FedEx/UPS carriers instead – just keep these points in mind when dispatching your rug safely for prompt arrival at destination site!


Searching for the ideal rug to fit your home does not have to be difficult. With helpful knowledge, you can discover budget-friendly yet high quality rugs that improve the appearance of your place and at the same time give warmth and comfort. If you’re scouring through clearance options, selling an old mat online or preserving an heirloom one, this article will surely provide useful advice throughout your search journey!

So no matter what kind of update needs to be done around the house – from locating just the right piece within reachable means to all down memory lane with handed over mats – remember there is sure going to be a perfect option out there matching both style preferences along wallet friendly lines as well as restful ease needed in any given space. Happy hunting everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best deals on area rugs?

Finding the greatest bargains on area rugs is easy when you shop online at outlets like Boutique Rugs and, which offer tremendous discounts in their clearance selection.

How can I ensure a clearance rug is of good quality?

When buying a clearance rug, it’s important to look at its materials (wool or silk are usually better quality), construction type and density of knots. The design should be taken into consideration as handmade rugs tend to have higher quality than machine-made ones.

What should I consider when choosing a rug for my home?

When selecting a rug for your home, think about the quality, hue, design, size and maintenance requirements to make sure it blends with your room’s décor and suits all of your comfort needs.

Happy rug searching!

How can I sell my rug online?

To sell your rug, you have a few options. Consider using well-known sites such as eBay, Craigslist, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace. Or apps like Mercari to reach prospective buyers. Create an advertisement with clear pictures of the item so customers can visualize what they’re buying before committing. Good luck with the sale!

How should I store my heirloom rug?

Keep your valuable heirloom rug safe and in good condition by rolling it up tightly then standing the roll vertically. Make sure to store it somewhere away from moisture, pests or any other potential sources of damage for optimal longevity. By following this method, you can rest assured that your precious piece will remain unscathed throughout time!

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