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Hand woven rugs from around the world and unexpected places .

Most people know "the rug belt" as an area from from Morocco to China responsible for most cut pile hand-woven rugs.

A few rug weaving areas exist outside of the rug weaving belt. One example is a small production of hand-woven rugs being woven just outside of Mexico city Mexico, yes Mexico!

In 1969, Sofia and Don Mario traveled to India and learned the art of making oriental rugs. They brought the craft back to Mexico establishing rug weaving in San Pedro Abajo, Temoaya, Mexico. 

Rug weaving map
The most common rug weaving areas in the world

San Pedro Abajo is about an hour and a half northwest of Mexico city and tradition of hand-woven cut pile oriental rugs are still being woven there today! 

These rugs are similar in weave to Pakistan Bokhara rugs woven on a cotton foundation except they have a double side cord. The color and designs are more reminiscent of Moroccan and Tunisian rugs

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