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Ruggables, Stylish Area Rugs or Environmental Mistake

Updated: Jan 30

New rugs on a wood floor
New Rug Desings

Let's face it: Ruggable rugs are a convenient solution to keeping your home stylish and spotless. Known for their patented washable design, Ruggable rug has revolutionized the rug industry by combining style with practicality. 

But is there a trade-off in durability or environmental impact with Ruggables? In this article, we delve into whether thier offerings align with your design ideals and sustainability values.

Key Takeaways

  • Ruggable washable rugs merge style with practicality through a patented two-piece system consisting of rug and rug pad that's machine washable and available in a multitude of designs and colors to fit every room and style preference.

  • The company prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality, offering easy-to-clean, low-pile rugs with an array of textures and patterns that can transform any room's ambiance.

  • While Ruggable's convenience and durability are commendable, the environmental impact of their non-biodegradable materials is a concerning aspect, reflecting broader sustainability challenges in fast fashion consumer markets.

a rug and pad on wood floor
Rugs are a two part system rug & pad

Redefining Rug Style

Rugggable washable rugs founder Gina Bell's intent was an easy-to-care-for area rug at a reasonable price and she delivered just that. These rugs are machine-washable, you can clean rug at home, machine washable in your home clothes washer, size restriction notwithstanding keeping a fresh aesthetic in your space, regardless of life's messes. No Need to hassle with luging a rug to you local rug cleaner

Her rugs offers area rugs that seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality, earning rave reviews from many owners and adding style to living rooms and kitchens.

They come in a diverse array of designs, colors, and styles that not only uplift your decor but also add an element of unparalleled style, warmth, and comfort to your space on a shoe string budget. The fast manufacturing and print process means these rugs are quickly avalible in the latest styes.

A Gallery of Styles: Ruggable's Assortment Trendy Designs

The diversity in Ruggable's style gallery reflects their commitment to accommodating eclectic interior design preferences. Be it Moroccan, modern, contemporary, geometric, Persian, or traditional designs, they've got you covered. Beyond patterns, they offer a versatile color palette, with options from shades of grey, silver, blue, green, white, cream, to natural tones, complementing various interiors.

But the assortment doesn't end there. They also offers a variety of shapes, from traditional rectangular to round options, along with an array of textures like Flatwoven, Tufted, Plush, Shag, Faux Hide, Re-Jute, and Outdoor selections. Whether you aim to embellish your hallway or enhance your dining area, Ruggable provides a rug for all spaces.

Design and Functionality: The Core of Ruggable Rugs

The uniqueness is inherent in their distinct two-piece ruggable system comprising a detachable, low-pile rug and a nonslip cusion rug pad, and helps simplify vacuuming, spot cleaning, and even machine washing, who doesn't like the idea of a machine washable rugs. The design is a testament to Ruggable's commitment to ease of care and extended lifespan of their products.

In addition to functionality, they also prioritize aesthetics. They offer a spectrum of patterns, from florals to geometric shapes, providing stylish options for a multitude of decor preferences. And with their new tufted Rug Covers, they bring a soft, cushioned feel underfoot, enhancing the comfort factor of these functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces.

a machine washable rug
Machine washable

Embrace the Low Pile Advantage

The distinctive feature of Ruggable rugs is their low pile design. This feature is instrumental in making their rugs machine-washable, thereby simplifying the cleaning and maintenance process. The low pile design also contributes to the lightweight nature of the Ruggable Rug Covers, enabling even large sizes to be washed in a standard home washing machine with ease.

Made of thin, lightweight polyester, this helps facilitates the cleaning process. And as a bonus, they offer two underpad options - a thin rug pad for low-clearance areas and a thicker cushioned rug pad for added comfort and a high-pile feel.

Transformative Effects of a New Rug

Adding A new rug into your space can alter the ambiance significantly. Whether it's a whimsical design to add a quirky touch or a transitional rug to bring warmth to contemporary aesthetics, a new rug can inject instant style, personality, and coziness into the room.

The ease of cleaning and changing the Rug Covers allows for frequent updates to your decor, making transformations more accessible. Furthermore, Ruggable offers a wide variety of designs, including collaborations with designers and brands, making it easy to coordinate rugs in an open floor plan for a transformative effect.

Why not play around with various patterns and textures, such as merging stripes with floral designs, to enrich any space?

Ruggable's Unique Take on Traditional and Exotic Patterns

Ruggable employs a distinct strategy towards traditional and exotic patterns. They offer Persian-inspired designs that beautifully incorporate the elegance and intricate patterns characteristic of traditional Persian rugs. They also have a collection inspired by the Pacific Northwest Rustic theme, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and incorporating elements like stone, wood, and plaid textiles.

Their design team draws from global styles, creating rugs that resonate with traditional, transitional, and contemporary themes. Each collection, be it Bohemian, Midcentury Modern, or Moroccan, highlights specific inspirations or historical periods. They even offer exclusive collaborations with popular brands like Disney and Marvel, catering to fans with unique designs.

The Ruggable Difference: At the Cost of Durability

The durability of these rugs is one of their significant selling points. Crafted from polyester with a polyurethane coating, these rugs are designed to be water repellent. Their outdoor rugs, made from sturdy materials like nylon or polypropylene, are known for their lasting durability in humidity and being washable rugs.

Kid-Friendly and Pet-Approved Choices

In bustling households with kids and pets, Ruggable rugs are the perfect choice. They can easily be cleaned in a washing machine and are designed to withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Their water-resistant and stain-resistant features make them particularly suitable for areas prone to spills and stains, such as kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms. For pet owners, these rugs offer an easy solution to keeping the home fresh and clean by washing away pet hair, dirt, and odors.

The low pile design and super grip nonslip pad does ensure the rug stays in place, providing added safety, especially in high-traffic areas.

The Innovation Behind Ruggable's Washable Rugs

The cornerstone of thier success is a patented two-piece system that ingeniously balances cleaning convenience with style. The system comprises a nonslip cushioned rug pad and a detachable rug cover that attaches to the rug pad using a Velcro-like system, facilitating easy removal and convenient cleaning with smaller sizes fitting in your home machine washing.

Ruggable washable rugs were designed to be washed at home, the rug or, rug covers can be cleaned using non-bleach detergent, preserving the rug's texture. The rug pad can be cleaned as well, and what's more; Various sizes even the larger dimensions, such as 8x10 feet, can fit in many standard washing machine at home, making cleaning more convenient.

Not Without Issues

One common issue are the the edges curl, which ranges from annoying to dangerous.

Often showing up on high traffic rugs and some rugs after the first washing.  

These rugs don't vacuum very well not that they hold much soil.

Ruggable rugs are not as cushy and cozy-feeling as regular rugs. Even with a rug pad they lack thickness and are not as nice to sit on and lack the insulative value of wool on a cold floor. A thicker rug pad helps add warmth and helps imporve cussion but the nature of being thin and systhetic fiber its not in the same league as wool pile rug.

The water-resistant backing on Ruggable is a selling point ands serves as a protective barrier, effectively handling spills and stains. It also can work against it and means these liquids and spills can travel off the rug and onto the floor, since polypropylene doesnt absorbe liquids they are easly stepped -in and tracked to other areas.

In recent years manufactureres have introduced water proof rug pads for orietnal and area rugs so rug will absorbethe water but not harm hard wood floors

The often overlooked aspect of wool pile rugs is their ability to hold soil and more so with hand woven rugs.  The static electric charge inherited with wool pulls soils to it from the air including smoke and some harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and helping keep your home cleaner and longer, not so with synthetic flat weave rugs.

What About the environment

The environmental impact of Ruggable Rugs is an unavoidable topic of discussion. Made from petroleum-based polypropylene plastic, these rugs are not biodegradable or recyclable, which raises concerns about their ecological footprint. Furthermore, the nature of the Ruggable collection, with its thin, softer polypropylene, means it wears faster, than a qualty wool rug leading to more frequent replacements.

Fast Fashion Clothing and Rugs

The fast fashion phenomenon, prevalent in both clothing and rugs, fuels the demand for rapidly evolving colors and designs, escalating waste and environmental worries. Consumers are programmed to buy certain colors and designs, often treating them as a focal point in their homes. As these trends change seasonally, it leads to a quicker turnover of products.

This issue, however, goes beyond Ruggable. These rugs, along with tufted and loomed rugs, respond to consumer demands of the newest thing. The real challenge is to shift consumer behavior towards more sustainable choices, reducing the demand for non-biodegradable materials and the resulting waste.

Traditional oriental rugs last decades and even centuries of daily floor use and are made from natural materials that can be composted. Yet with fast fashion in mind, the concept of a forever rug falls flat with many consumers. 


Ruggable rugs have undeniably revolutionized the rug industry with their innovative designs, easy-to-clean nature, and quickly adaptable colors and styles to consumer trends. They offer a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, transforming spaces and garnering positive customer reviews, all without breaking the bank. These decorative floor coverings are financially accessible to a broad range of consumers. I find myself thinking of ruggable as a consumable in a similar way as car tires used and discarded for new ones. 

It's also crucial to address the environmental concerns associated with their non-biodegradable materials. As consumers, we should consider the convenience and style against the environmental impact. While Ruggable continues to innovate and redefine rug styles, they are still short-term disposable floor coverings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a competitor to Ruggable?

Yes, there are several competitors to Ruggable, such as Revival Rugs, RugsUSA, and The Rug Company. 

What's so special about Ruggable?

What makes Ruggable special is its two-piece system that allows you to swap out rug covers easily and its machine-washable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant features. Plus, it's perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens and is both pet- and kid-friendly.

Do ruggables still curl?

Yes, the rug still curls despite attempts to fix the issue. It can make the rug look cheap and unflattering. Consider alternative options for a more even and polished look.

Are ruggables hard to vacuum?

Yes, you can vacuum Ruggable rugs using low suction and power settings, making it as easy as vacuuming a hardwood floor or low-pile carpet. Feb 10, 2021.

Are Ruggable rugs machine-washable?

Yes, Ruggable rugs are machine-washable thanks to their patented two-piece system, allowing for easy detachment and washing in a standard home washing machine. So you can keep your rugs clean with ease.

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