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Tips For Selling A Used Woven Carpet

Updated: Feb 18

stacks of vintage rugs for sale
Vintage rugs

Our Tips On How To Sell Your Used Area Rug

Taste change: Perhaps you are looking to change your decor, or maybe you have moved, and the rug no longer fits, or you inherited an old rug from a relative. What do you do when the rug no longer fits your lifestyle? We’ve put together suggestions to move that rug along.

Rug Identification and Value First

Gather information such as age and origin; you could skip this step if you purchased the rug new. As a general rule, the longer an area rug or oriental rug has been in the family, the less reliable the information about that rug. It's not uncommon for a person to think their rug is a 150-year-old antique when it's a 70-year-old rug. In some cases, the 150-year-old antique tribal did exist, but it was confused with a 70-year-old Persian rug. There are many variations on how rugs have mistaken identities, but its' not uncommon.

Old rug values and purchase prices are irrelevant to today's rug values. Many examples exist of old rugs that have lost over half or more of their purchase value. It’s helpful to visit rugs, local rug retailers, or local rug cleans that are experts in rugs like Renaissance Rug Cleaning to get an idea of current rug values, trends, and avenues to sell your used rug.

Rug values can range wildly; in some cases, that old rug you thought nothing of is worth is valuable. Values also work in reverse in that expensive antique rugs can lose value; in fact, that's more the norm with traditional oriental rugs. The market is distinctively contemporary in its taste right now, so traditional Persian rug designs are harder to sell.

The rug market is like the stock market, but with style, taste changes, colors and design come and go.

Should I Sell My Heirloom Rug or Store It?

Sometimes that old rug is a family heirloom in the family of over 120 years but is too big to fit in their current home. If you decide to store the rug Vs. sell it the rug should be cleaned and wrapped in paper or breathable material (not plastic) to keep the rug clean and free from wool moths. Once antique rugs leave the family, getting them back is slim to none. It's worth considering that you or others in your family might have a use for the rugs in the future.

-Commercial storage facilities are notorious for moth sources for moth damage to unprotected rugs. These are woolmoth superhighways where one unit can infest many others

-Never store rugs on a concrete floor or basement floor. Wool holds moisture even when dry, and that moisture is pulled to concert and time, causing rugs to rot over time. Keep rug elevated off the ground

Where To Sell Your Rug?

How much time and energy are you willing to devote to selling your rug? Internet opportunities abound, but are you ready to spend the time posting your oriental rug on a website to sell, dealing with emails, and shipping a large Persian rug. There are plenty of re-sale websites like Letgo, eBay, FB Marketplace, or Craigslist. It's worth considering: Are you willing to put time, energy, and possible interactions with strangers at your home?

Another good option is a consignment store and possibly antique stores. These companies will take a percentage of the sale. Still, companies like this have both an established local client base and an e-commerce presence. Your rug has much greater exposure to people in the market who want to buy a rug, and this increases the sale potential.

In some cases donating the rug to a charity and using it as a tax, a write-off is better and benefits a good social cause. In a few cases, rugs have real value or collectability. A willing buyer is found in a local rug retailer, rug collector, or auction house.

To Clean The Rug Or Not, That Is The Question.

Typically, we don't recommend cleaning before selling a rug. There are some exceptions.

  1. Excessive stains or soils that hide the beauty and appeal of an Oriental rug

  2. Odors and soot from a heavy smoker's home.

  3. Pet urine stains and odors

  4. Rugs with wool moth infestation can infest other rugs and must be addressed.

These reasons are why many consignment stores and rug retailers require rugs to be cleaned before taking a rug in for consignment. The possibility of insect infestation is not worth the risk in a large rug retailer's showroom.

Local Sale & Consignment Options

Charities and Donation

We hope these tips help if you have questions or need rug cleaning service, feel free to give Renaissance Rug Cleaning a call at 503-963-8565

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