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 Rug Cleaning & Care Tips 

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Rug cleaning and carpet cleaning make your home look nice, here are cleaning tips to keep your looking great in between professional cleaning.

Select the right rug for the space and its use.

When decorating with rugs, carefully consider how the rug will be used. A white area carpet might look spectacular in your entry, but it will show traffic much sooner. 

Rugs with more colors, reds, blues, and designs hide soil much better, so consider the soil-hiding performance of your carpet in high-traffic areas. Soil retarding treatments like Dupont Teflon and Scotch Guard can help reduce staining from some basic spills. Keep in mind, Soil retarding products do not keep your rug from getting dirty.  

Rug Selection


You will see your local rug cleaner soon enough; regular vacuuming extends out cleaning intervals by keeping your rug looking great between cleanings. Soils pulled from feet, such as dirt and pet hair, collect on carpets and even work their way to the foundation. Slowly many of these soils work their way to the foundation of your rug and carpets and beyond the reach of regular vacuum cleaner.

 The more frequently you vacuum, the slower these soils build up in the foundation and the longer your carpet and rugs look good 

Address spots and spill 

Spots and spills happen; address spots with the appropriate cleaning products and methods.  Remember, all spots are not the same, nor are all cleaning products. See our handy spot cleaning guide for the proper tips to spot your rug at home and avoid costly, damaging home cleaning mistakes. Most spots can be treated with warm water, a small amount of neutral cleaning solution, and a paper towel. Some spots can be difficult to remove from area rugs and might require specialized cleaning methods to prove stains or limitations to cleaning due to the type of carpet fibers.  


                                  Rotate rugs when possible 

Most rugs don't receive even use; one end or side often receives 90% or more of the foot traffic. Turning carpets end for end evens out foot traffic, wear, and soiling and extends out cleaning intervals. Ideally, this is done every 3 months when it's practical to do so. 

Keep an eye on fringe ends and sides

Rugs take a beating on the floor, so keep an eye on fringer or end tassels, and on the sides of rugs, look for signs of fraying, damage, or loss. Early detection of wear and damage can save money; as the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine.

 The longer damage is ignored, typically the more expensive the repair. In some cases, the damage can take the rug too far, where repair doesn't make economic sense. 

Pets and Oriental rugs 

We love our furry family members a few tips can help.

Make sure your cats have enough scratch posts. Both cats and dogs need toys to play with or make their own, like your fine Persian rug. Just like humans, a Pet emotional requirements need to be met. Some breeds require more stimulus, walking, and exercise; if these needs aren't met, they can act out destructively. 

A house-trained pet that suddenly starts urinating on your fine rug can be a sign of a health issue. Urinary tract infections are a common cause of pet accidents on rugs. Urinating becomes very painful, and your pet holds it until it can't anymore. A trip to the vet is strongly advised. 

The Key to pet urine accidents is addressing them quickly before they soak into the foundation of your fine oriental rug. Avoid high-pH cleaning products, spray-and-forget enzyme products, and all-purpose cleaning products like Resolve, Folex, and rug doctor cleaners. 

 Seek out mild wool-approved cleaning products specially made for fine wool carpets. If the carpet is soaked completely from front to back, your woven carpet needs to be properly washed. Carpet & rug deodorizing products don't remove pet odors and stains; they cover them up. Ultimately making the issue worse, causing damage and color loss to your rugs. Pet urine must be removed from rugs during cleaning

Visit your local rug cleaning service.

At some point, your rug needs a professional deep clean to remove deeply embedded soils. Rugs in high-traffic areas need more frequent cleaning. 

Oriental rugs and carpets should never be steam cleaned with carpet cleaning machines. Seek out a cleaner with knowledge, experience, and facilities to clean oriental carpets and area rugs.


Take a tour of the rug cleaning facilities and make sure they are set up to work with Oriental carpets and delicate natural fibers rugs made with wool and silk. Area rugs & carpets made with wool, silk, and other natural fibers need specific care different than in-home carpet steam cleaning. 

Just because a cleaner shows up on a google search as a local rug cleaning service and has a slick webpage doesn't mean they have proper rug cleaning facilities. 

Have questions needed a local area rug cleaning service? Ask the rug experts ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) ARCS trains and certifies Oriental and area rug cleaning professionals and their rug cleaning workshops. This ensures a rug cleaning service knows how to treat your handwoven rugs and natural fiber carpets right.  

ARCS (Association of rug care specialists) is a trade association for professional oriental rug cleaning and area carpet cleaners 

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