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Rug Pictures For Estimates 

How to take pictures for rug ID and repair quotes 


Rug Front

Good at showing the design of the rug but not always helpful in Identifying where a rug is from and estimating repair estimate rug repair.


Back corner pic with the tape measure 

Close-up pics help us see the damage, and the weave style of a rug, and the tape measure gives us a size scale to better estimate repair cost. 


Both Ends close-up

Folding both ends to the center of the rug to see the weave from the back, allows us to see both ends, weave, and side finishes. Notice that this rug's fringe ends are different from end to end.

-The better the quality of the rug pic, the more accurate our info will be in identifying the rug's origin, age and repair quotes. Blurry, dark, out-of-focus pics get you vague values, ID assessments, and wide-ranging open-ended estimates.  

-Rug pictures are no substitute for having a rug in our hands; our estimates from photos are based on what we can see and not a complete evaluation of your carpet.​ 

Some rugs have latent and hidden damages that don't show in pictures, such as dry rot, mildew damage, and some carpet moth damage that can be much more extensive than is visible in photos alone.

At times these can dramatically change the cost of repair. 

Can you repair my oriental rug without cleaning it? 

rug repair yarns

We require the rug to be cleaned before repair work. In some cases, customers don't want to pay for cleaning a rug that needs thorough washing. In others, the rug has been poorly surface cleaned or shampooed, and the rug, while "cleaned," is still dirty by our standards. 

Rugs can carry moths and carpet beetles with them that can possibly infest our workshop. We carry a large catalog of restoration yarns, many irreplaceable we easily in the tens of thousands of dollars worth of repair yarns.


 We are not willing to put our repair yarn cataloged or another customer's clean rugs at risk from a client's unclean rug. 


 Rugs sit on floors and absorbed soils, lint, hair, dander, liquid spills, and all these soils make it difficult to drive needs through rugs as well as obscuring colors making it hard to match colors for restoration

How long Does Rug Repair Take?

Repair timing depends on the type of repair and how many projects we have ahead of your rug repair. 

Fewer people are interested in doing this kind of skilled handwork; it takes time, aptitude, and desire. Like many businesses, we struggle to find people to fill entry positions, let alone learn the skilled trade of hand rug repair. It's not just a US issue in Turkey; the skilled repair population is aging out of the workforce, and young people are not filling the gaps. 

If you have a specific time frame required for repair or rug alteration, the sooner we can coordinate, the more likely we can meet your deadline. At the writing of this, we are about two months out on most repairs except simple stabilizing.

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