Renaissance Rug Cleaning takes its logo from the Turkman tribes of central Asia and admittedly one of our favorite types of rugs and textiles.  Who are the Turkmen? Traditionally the Turkmen were nomadic and semi-nomadic ethnic group living in central Asia and today inhabit the countries of Turkmenistan, IranAfghanistanCaucasus, and northern Pakistan. The Turkmen comprise of a number of sub-tribal groups tribes are Tekke, YomutErsari, Choudur, and Saryk. The most numerous are the Teke and our logo is taken from an old Tekke design often called a Gul from the late 18th to early19th century.

The Nomadic Turkmen were herdsmen breeding horses and sheep moving often to provide their flock's fresh ample pastures. Their looms collapsible and portable the Turkmen wove textiles for utilitarian uses and trade. Nomadic cultures are smart and resourceful weaving was also a way to bank labor for future exchange a nomads version of a savings account if you will. 

Even after 30 years in the rug business, I'm still amazed at the depth and beauty of weavings made by Nomadic Turkmen tribes. A people often on the move without many conveniences could produce such beauty. 


The Turkmen still weave rugs and textiles today while typically not nomadic they continue to draw on their rich cultural history.