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Wool rug cleaning isn't a simple one size fits all cleaning process. It requires understanding fibers, dyes, weaves, and experience. Renaissance has been Portland's wool rug cleaning resource since 1999, and its owners have over 35 years of real-world experience working with wool oriental carpets.

wool rug cleaing experts

You care about your fine rugs but look at a dozen rug cleaning websites; everyone is a wool rug expert. Every carpet cleaner is a rug cleaning expert with a state-of-the-art rug cleaning workshop run by experienced rug cleaners but are they?  



You've worked hard to put nice wool carpets on the floor of your home. Wool isn't hard to care for, but it needs some specific considerations when being cleaned. Heat and strong cleaners can damage wool and cause dyes to become unstable and bleed or fade. 


Steam Clean Wool Rugs

Many in-home carpet cleaners provide wool rug cleaning that doesn't mean they understand wool as a fiber or the proper methods of wool oriental rug care. Carpet steam cleaning and shampooing are ineffective for wool area carpets and Persian carpets.


Even worse, these inappropriate cleaning methods and strong cleaning chemicals cause damage to fibers and dyes. This reduces the resiliency of protein fibers like wool, amplifies the damaging effects of everyday use and the effects of sunlight, and reduces the life of your carpets.  


Oriental rugs and carpets are meant to be removed from your home and hand-washed with mild cleaners and lots of water. Renaissance rug cleaning was founded as a specialty rug washing service for wool carpets, oriental carpets, and hand repair, It's all we do 

Professional Wool Rug Cleaning


We are genuine professional wool oriental carpet cleaning experts.

Our rug expertise and integrity have been earned from decades of working with hand-woven rugs from cleaning, retail, wholesale, and rug production consulting. The owners of the Renaissance have over 35 years of working with wool rugs and other exotic fibers. 

We work with Portland's top rug retailers Tufenkian Rugs, Kush carpets, Christiane Millinger, NW Rugs, and rug expert James Opie. We also clean for some portland to carpet cleaning companies and local dry cleaners.


For references, call around to Portland's top rug retailers; we are well known as Portland's top rug cleaner by peopel that know rugs.

Wool Rug Cleaning Near Portland OR

Renaissance Rug Cleaning has a state-of-the-art rug care facility in SE Portland dedicated solely to wool rug cleaning. Located on the corner of 10th and Harrison in SE Portland for easy cash and carry rug drop-off, making rug cleaning easy and hassle-free for those with rugs in PDX. Need pick-up and delivery rug service? Give us a call; we run a pick-up and delivery service on weekdays in the Portland metro area and beyond. 

Wool Properties

Wool is an amazing fiber renowned for its strength, durability, versatility, and ancillary benefits. Most are familiar with Merino wool for luxury fashion to high-performance activewear, and sweaters. For many centuries, Wool has been the center point of textiles for civilization. 


-Wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, hypoallergenic, fireproof, bio-degradable and renewable. 


-Wool is a breathable fiber and absorbs large quantities of moisture vapor from the air up to 20% by weight and still feels dry, then the moisture evaporates into the air. During the absorption of mosture, Wool also absorbs pollutants, dust, pollen, and other allergens. Wool works as a passive air filtration system in your home, pulling in and holding soils and atmospheric pollutants. Wool keeps your home cleaner and longer.


-It gets better Wool is a conductive material, which means it readily gives away its electrons and holds a static charge. This static charge attracts air pollutants such as smoke and fine air pollutants to Wool.  


-Not only does Wool keep the air free of many harmful pollutants, but it also holds on to these pollutants and will not re-emit them. 


Wool the hot and cold regulator 


In contrast to synthetics, Wool is an active fiber that reacts to humidity and body temperature changes. Wool helps you stay warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is hot.


You might not consider wearing Wool on a hot day, but Wool absorbs perspiration pulling it away from your body and accelerating evaporation, and keeping you cool.  

Odor Resistant 

Wool has natural anti-microbial properties and absorbs odor-producing molecules from sweat and other sources, reducing odors in clothing, carpets, and wool furniture. 

Wool is an amazing fiber that belongs in your home.


 Wool doesn't require highly specialized cleaning or care, but it does require specific care to make it last generations. An internet search for antique rugs or old Pendleton wool shirts yields a plethora of vintage and antique wool textiles and is a testament to their durability and value.  Nothing stands the test of time like wool.



For more information about wool, check out the WOOL MARK site.   

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