Rug cleaning shouldn't be a simple one size fits all cleaning process. It requires understanding fibers, dyes, weaves and experience. Renaissance has been a Portland rug cleaning resource since 1999, and its owners have over 35 years of real-world experience working with wool oriental carpets.

wool rug cleaing experts

We get it, look at a dozen rug cleaning websites, everyone is a wool rug expert? Every carpet cleaner is a rug cleaner with a state of the art rug cleaning workshop, but are they?    

At Renaissance, wool rug cleaning isn't a side hustle or add-on service; the cleaning and care of wool throw rugs and Persian carpets are our sole full-time occupation and have been for over two decades. Renaissance rug cleaning service was founded as a specialty cleaning service for wool carpets, oriental carpets, and their hand repair.

When we say we are true professional wool oriental rug wool and silk cleaning, experts, we mean it. Experiences matters and the owner of Renaissance have lots of experience cleaning and repairing all kinds of wool carpets and related woven textiles 

Our rug expertise and integrity have been earned from decades of working with area rug cleaning, retail, wholesale, and rug production consulting. The owners of the renaissance have over 35 years of working with wool rugs and other exotic fibers. 

Our state-of-the-art rug care facility is located in Se Portland for easy cash and carry rug drop off that makes rug cleaning easy and hassle-free. Need pick-up and delivery rug service give us a call we run pick-up and delivery service weekdays in the Portland metro area and beyond. 

For references, call around to Portland's top rug retailers we work with Portland top work with Portland's top wool rug retailer.