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The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Area Rugs?

rug being vacuumed
Vacuum cleaners for rugs

Many vacuum cleaner options in the market, how can one determine the best choice for area rugs, but and why vacuum your rugs ?

The Benefits Of Vacuuming Area Rugs

By the nature of their materials and structure, most area rugs, such as oriental rugs, can hold several times their weight in dry soil. Timely and routine vacuuming is essential to maintain the beauty and durability of your floor coverings. Vacuuming removes soils before they have a chance to work their way to the base of your rugs and carpets beyond the reach of your vacuum.

dirt from a rug
Dry soil removed from the foundation of an oriental rug

These soils are not just unsightly, they abraid carpet fibers and are the primary cause of wear in carpets compounded by foot traffic. Vacuuming is every bit as important is cleaning your rugs. Good vacuuming habits can extend cleaning intervals in some cases by years.

The Best Area Rug Vacuum Cleaners

  • Gentle Suction: A vacuum for area rugs and oriental rugs should offer adjustable suction. The high suction or an aggressive brush roller or beater bar can damage worn, thin rugs and freaky delicate fibers, so it's crucial to have a gentler option.

  • Brush Roll On/Off Switch: A spinning brush, while beneficial at removing pet hair and improving soil removal, can be too harsh for some rugs. An on/off switch or adjustable beater bar height gives the flexibility to clean various rug types safely.

  • HEPA Filtration: This is especially relevant for households with allergy sufferers. Ensuring the vacuum captures and contains fine particles, including dust and allergens.

  • PRICE: Some of the vacuums on our top five list are rather expensive but any vacuuming is better than none at all. One can find vacuums in the hundred dollar range but these are often disposable and for a little more in the two- hundred a durable long lasting vacuum

Our Top Vacuum Choices

  1. Sanitaire SC887E upright vacuum: For pure performance, power, and durability, the SC887E is our top choice. It's simple to work on and has replaceable parts; it's a vacuum you can fix and hand down. Its drawback is that the sanitaire has too much power for some small and thin rugs; an adjustable roller beater bar and an on-the-fly adjustable brush roll/beater bar can be used only for suction.

  2. Dyson Ball Multi Floor: Known for its strong suction and HEPA filtration, it's also gentle enough for area rugs with its adjustable settings. The Dyson vacuum also has small tool attachments ideal for wall-mounted textiles. Dyson's drawbacks are limited availability of replacement parts if the vacuum breaks.

  3. Miele Classic Pure C1 Suction Powerline: This canister vacuum, an excellent choice for fragile rugs and textiles, comes with adjustable suction controls, making it perfect for delicate rugs. It comes with upholstery tools and high-quality filtration. The Miele's big drawback is its price, but it's a quality vacuum.

  4. Hoover Complete Performance: a powerful vacuum at an entry level price with vacuum handle attachment. The Hoover drawback is it's a little large and some may find it unwieldy

  1. Miele Triflex HX1: Cordless vacuum adaptable for floors to upholstery cleaning; the Miele is powerful and versatile and has a long battery life. Its downside is price, but quality always comes at a price.

Tips for Vacuuming Area Rugs
  • Always test first and ensure the vacuum is causing damage to the rug or pulling the rug into the vacuum head.

  • Vacuum opposite the direction of the rug's pile lays flat the vacuum should lift and fluff the pile.

  • Remember to periodically rotate your rug end to end to ensure even wear, tear, and soiling.

  • Take smaller rugs outside and vacuum for the back with a roller bar/beater bar vacuum to vibrate deeply embedded soils from the foundation when possible.

  • Set up a vacuuming routine every week in high traffic areas, seasonal rotation of rugs and vacuuming form the back.

  • Don't neglect professional rug cleaning, especially for high-value or antique oriental rugs every 2-4 years.

Vacuums For Pet Hair

Roller bar or beater bar brush vacuums work best for the removal of pet hair from rugs and carpets. Pet hair can work its way into fibers and become difficult to remove if left too long, so timely vacuuming is beneficial for effective remval.

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your area rug or oriental rug doesn't just ensure cleanliness; it ensures the longevity and preservation of your cherished floor covering. Investing in a quality vacuum that is suitable for these delicate rugs is a step towards maintaining their beauty and elegance for years to come.

Vacuum Cleaner History
  • 1860: The first vacuum cleaner was invented by Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa. He called it a carpet sweeper and not a vacuum cleaner. It had rotating brushes on the bottom and bellows to create suction.

  • 1869: Ives W. McGaffey introduced the "Whirlwind," a manually-operated vacuum cleaner. It was the first patented vacuum cleaner and had to be cranked by hand.

  • 1898: John S. Thurman developed a gasoline-powered vacuum cleaner. However, it was not portable and had to be brought to homes using a horse-drawn wagon.

  • 1901: Hubert Cecil Booth, an Englishman, introduced a large, horse-drawn, petrol-driven vacuum cleaner. While not practical for everyone, it was used in some businesses.

Modern Vacuum Cleaner
  • 1907: James Murray Spangler, a janitor from Ohio, combined an electric motor, a fan, a box, and a pillowcase to create a portable vacuum cleaner. He received a patent for his "Electric Suction Sweeper" in 1908. Spangler sold one of his machines to his cousin's husband, William H. Hoover, Yes, that Hoover who recognized its potential and bought the patent. This was the beginning of the famous Hoover Company.

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