Tips For A Stress-Free Home Remodel

Updated: Nov 2

It's time; you need a home update; that 1970s harvest gold kitchen, wood paneling, root beer brown shag carpet, or teal green tile countertops; sure, it was fun for a while, but now it has got to go! Goodbye, 1970s-80's; hello 21st century!

Home is your fortress of solitude, your castle, and a remodel can take months or longer of strangers in your home and upheaval. We have tips for a smooth remodel to make the process easier and less stressful.

How to find a contractor

Ask friends, neighbors, web searches, and businesses like us, Renaissance Rug Cleaning. We have a top local home remodeler/ builder, Hammer, and Hand, next door to us. We have worked for their client, and our clients have used them not just for years but for decades. Another is Don Tankersley & Co. These two companies are arguably the top remodelers in Portland, Oregon. Why the plug for these two companies? Because we have been in many of their clients remodels before, during, and after remodels by these two companies. We have seen the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their clients.

Portland has many great contractors, you can also check with the state of Oregon contractor's board for valid licenses and the Oregon business registry (links below) Every business has a bad review or client interaction. Concentrate on how did they address and resolve the problems, not simply the problem.

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Where to start when renovating a home?

Keep in mind Your remodeler has decades of experience and many remodel under their belt, so don't forget to tap the expertise when strategizing your home remodel.

Covid has caused supply issues, and remodelers can provide insight into supply issues. Waiting until the last minute to select door handles and light fixtures can cause unintended delays. In one remodel recently, due to back orders with the kitchen appliances, it was decided to hold off on starting on the kitchen remodel and prioritize the bathroom. Giving time for the back-ordered appliances to arrive and reducing the kitchen downtime. Every remodels has some bumps and issues to work around.

Declutter and depersonalize your home for remodeling

Our homes are extensions of us; artwork, collectibles, mementos, and furniture that's part of what makes a house a home.

Remove items and keep all work areas clear of clutter and personal and decorative items, not just from the remodel area. Entrances and hallway workers have to travel to access the worksite. Some of the materials and equipment needed are big and bulky, so keeping areas open and clear reduces the chance of damage to your home and personal injury to workers.

Ideally, do this before the remodeling begins. Consider the bare necessities you need to endure a remodel and plan and adjust accordingly.

Consider renting a POD storage unit to get things out of the way. These are dropped off and can be left at your home or picked up and taken to a secure, temperature-controlled storage facility for as long as you need. However, Before ordering a POD, consult with your project manager about the spot you have in mind that might be needed for equipment or supplies by your remodeler and could cause big delays.

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Home moving, pod service

Rug cleaning goes hand and hand with home remodeling; as we like to say, get those rugs out of the way so that workers can play. Remodeling is dusty, dirty work, so removing rugs keeps them from getting spills, such as paint, wood stains, adhesives, construction dust, and even physical damage.

Rug Cleaners like Renaissance Rug cleaning will pick up your rugs, clean them and hold them keeping them clean and safe until your remodel is done. A simple phone call, and we will deliver your rugs back clean, fresh, and ready for the new home.

A note of caution here, avoid stuffing your rugs in the garage or basement for many months of remodeling. This is a perfect environment for moth infestation, rodents, mold, and mildew to damage your fine rugs. At a minimum, vacuum and wrap your rugs in paper or old sheets; never use plastic for storing wool area rugs.

Perhaps you have valuable artwork on your walls call a company like Art Work Fine Art Services They specialize in moving, installing, and storing paintings, sculptures, and other artwork until the time is right for their return.

Home Remodel Can Be Stressful

All this activity and upheaval in your personal space, but does it have to be? Considering other experts in their fields, a moving company can move home furnishings and store them. Planning out the process and a few key steps above reduces stress and delays to remodeling work.

Pets During a Remodel

Some pets love a remodel, and some dog breeds, in particular, are very social and love all the new people and the goings-on during a remodel. In some cases, after the remodel, pet can miss their new friends, even waiting by the door in the morning for the workers to arrive days and even weeks after the completion of a home remodel.

Who doesn't like a friendly pet, be careful to keep our furry friends safe. A remodel site can have many hazards, nails, broken glass, and metal shavings. Some pets instinctively keep clear of job sites, while others are oblivious and need help to stay safe.

However, some fur babies are the opposite; strangers, noises, and change are very stressful, and the remodeling process is scary and stressful for them.

For these pets, consider a safe area or room for them. Put all the creature comforts in the room, such as food, water, and litter box, and consider a white noise machine or a small fan to help camouflage construction noises. Get your pet used to being in the room weeks before the remodel to reduce stress and fear to keep pets comfortable when the remodeling starts.

Don't forget playtime. Pets need companionship and exercise, and like humans, exercise helps reduce stress and improves sleep and overall temperament.

Call In The Cleaners!

As the dust settles, and make no mistake, remodeling creates dust and displaces dust in areas like attics. It's time to call the cleaners It's best to start with a top-down approach, exterior prewashing, Widows, countertops, kitchen, bathrooms, one you probably haven't considered air duct cleaning, and last the floor people in-home carpet cleaning and schedule the return of your rugs for the rug cleaners.

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Why are the carpet & rug cleaners' last cleaning service? To make sure any solid tracked into your home on workers' feet is removed.

The last cleaners in your home typically should be rug cleaners rolling out those cleaned stored rugs.

Depending on your home, rug and carpet cleaners can work side by side at the same time.

If you have removed furniture from the home or remodeled area, we suggest cleaning the carpet before moving furniture back. Carpet cleaners typically give a discount for furniture-free rooms. Some items, such as pianos and aquariums, are not easily movable, so it gives you the opportunity for a full deep clean.

Coordinate with the movers, be proactive and get creative. Sometimes, The rug cleaning service can't deliver your rugs at the day and time that works best. One solution is to have the rugs delivered to the movers to do the final delivery. last, workers should ones to install fine art on walls, such as pictures, paintings, sculptures, and tapestries.