expert pet urine removal from wool rugs




My pet had an accident what can you do for my poor rug?

 You can rely on our services for pet urine removal in Portland, we deal with pet accidents all the time. If the spot is a small fresh accident. You might even be able to remove it at home see the link to our spotting guide above. However, if the spot is old or the rug is saturated to the foundation or the colours are unstable and bleeding the rug needs to be removed from the home for successful urine removal. 

Is pet urine ever difficult and expensive to remove? 

Pet accidents on rugs can damage fibers and dyes the longer the area is not cleaned. It's important to address accidents in a timely manner but also to address them properly. Adding a pet deodorizer, or enzyme is not removing the pet stain and often magnifies or compounds the stain problems and issues. 


90% of the stains we cannot remove are the result of improper home spotting, severe neglect, or a combination. Not sure what to do, give us a call for free spotting advice.

I hear urine odor can be difficult and expensive to remove? 

We remove pet odors all the time and typically just for the cost of normal cleaning. We don't find the need for expensive chemicals and exotic deodorizers and enzymes that often leave your rug smelling weird. Our wash process is not only gentle on your rug, it's just that through. Pet accident odors become difficult to remove when rugs are not properly washed and short cuts are used. 

RAN_5945.JPG (3)-min.jpg

Rug Washing 

Proper washing of oriental rugs effectively removes pet urine from oriental rugs. 

Can you clean the spot in my home? 

Urine settles into the foundation of oriental rugs, to remove it, rugs need to be washed . Often we soak rugs to loosen soils and contaminants like pet urine. There is no magic cleaning elixir, it's the process of cleaning , soaking, and flusing of water through a rug that makes our pet urine odor remove so successful. 


Our wash process and equipment are not portable and it's not possible to mimic or approximate our work with in-home cleaning equipment. It is possible to use odor masking products in-home to cover or hide odors in the long-term this causes more harm to your rug. We remove the source, as the picture below shows this type of cleaning as well as controlled drying  simply not possible in a home setting .

rug washing in portland, Oregon
Isn't all that water dangerous for my rug and it's colors?

This is a common question and concern however, all oriental rugs are "washed" when new this is part of the finishing rugs go through to remove loose fibres, soils and to add lustre. It's not uncommon for a new rug to be washed several times before it makes its way to a rug dealer. This type of washing is exactly how rugs are intended to be cleaned and it's the most thorough way to remove soils and odours.  While issues can arise in cleaning like colour bleed these shouldn't be an issue for an experienced professional rug cleaner.  Renaissance is a rug specific cleaning company, we work with rugs all day every day. We clean thousands of rugs a year many with existing or latent issues successfully

New Gabbeh rugs being washed in Tehran, Iran with lots and lots of water  this is the proper way to clean rugs