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expert pet urine removal from wool rugs

Pet Urine Removal 



Oriental Rug Pet Pee Pee Odor Removal

Pet pee pee removal from Oriental and area rugs is it really possible to remove pet urine odors?  We clean urine from oriental rugs, and machine-made rug's all the time.


 Some would have you think it's an expensive and near-impossible task to remove dog or cat accidents on area rugs. Or that it requires costly and elaborate urine decontamination baths, enzymes, and special cleaning processes and decontamination baths.

So what's our big secret? 

It's simple; we wash your rug with lots of water, and mild wool-safe detergents, slowly and methodically, to get pet odors out. An analogy of a favorite dirty shirt and giving it an extra soak to loosen embedded soils.  

Pet urine can damage the wood floors we sell a rug padding that protects your wood floors from pet accidents and other liquid spills 

Is pet urine harmful to rugs ?

Urine spots on rugs can damage fibers and dyes; the longer urine sits on a rug, the more damage it can cause. It's essential to address accidents promptly and use the appropriate chemistry and methods to handle the spots properly. Adding a pet deodorizer or enzyme is not removing pet pee and often magnifies or compounds the stain and future problems.


We call these compounded stains; cleaning attempts to remove a urine spot that doesn't work result in the use of other cleaning products. Vinegar, Folex, Resolve, Natures Miracle, OxyClean by the time the rug comes through our doors, the issue isn't a pet spot; it's chemical damage caused by a plethora of cleaning products and it can be permanent and irreversible 

I hear urine odor can be difficult and expensive to remove? 

Maybe for some cleaners at renaissace Rug Cleaning, We remove pet pee odors all the time and typically just for the cost of regular cleaning. We know how to clean throw rugs and don't find the need for expensive chemicals and exotic urine deodorizers and enzymes that often leave your area rug smelling weird. We are a professional rug cleaning service; it's all we do.  

Our wash process is not only gentle on your oriental rug; it's just that through. Pet accident odors become challenging to remove when rugs are not properly washed and shortcuts are used.

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Clean Urine Wool Rugs

We clean urine from wool rugs and oriental rugs effectively.  Without the use of harsh chemicals, perfume-containing products, or exotic costs to clean your oriental rug

Pet Stain Removal 

Urine settles into the foundation of oriental rugs, the warp and weft. By their nature, wool, silk, and other natural fibers used in area rugs are absorbent and make successful spot cleaning difficult. Your oriental area rug needs to be washed in a wash plant to remove pet urine effectively. Often we soak rugs to loosen soils and contaminants like urine. There is no magic cleaning elixir; our cleaning process takes time, soaking and flushing with water through a carpet, making our pet urine odor removal successful. 


Our wash process and equipment are not portable, and it's impossible to mimic or approximate our work with in-home rug cleaning equipment. It is possible to use odor masking products in-home to cover or hide odors in the long term; this causes more harm to your rug. We remove the source by washing your rug thoroughly in a controlled wash plant environment.

Isn't all that water dangerous for my rug and it's colors?

A common question and concern; it's important to mention that all oriental rugs are "washed" when new. This is part of the finishing process rugs go through to remove loose fibers, open the pile-up, remove soils and add luster. It's not uncommon for a new rug to be washed several times before making its way to a rug dealer near you. This type of washing is how area carpets are intended to be cleaned, and it's the most thorough way to remove soils and odors like pet accidents. While issues can arise in cleaning, like color bleed, these shouldn't be an issue for an experienced professional rug cleaner. Renaissance is a rug-specific cleaning company; we work with rugs every day. We clean thousands of rugs a year, many with existing or latent issues, pet accidents, and dog odors. 

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