Can my oriental rugs be cleaned in-home like my wall-to-wall carpet?

Our workshop in SE Portland is a speciality in-plant facility for cleaning oriental and Persian rugs.  The methods and equipment we use are specific to oriental rugs and are not portable and cannot be mimicked or approximated by in-home extraction or steam cleaning systems. In-home rug cleaning fails to remove most soils in oriental rugs and leaves cleaning residues. 

Oriental rug soil removal  

Dry soil removal or dusting is the removal of sandy/ silt like soiling that builds up in the foundation of area rugs from day to day use. In the pic to the right, you can see years of silty soil build-up in the foundation of this thick Persian Gabbeh oriental rug.  


 Our specialized, area rug cleaning equipment cannot be used in your home, and it's impossible to achieve this level of cleaning in a home setting. The pic on the left side shows silty sand-like soil dropping out of our Gabbeh area rug during dry soil removal.

Our area rug post dusting. You can see the dramatic difference in terms of particulate soil removed from the foundation; however, this rug is still not clean. Coarse soil removed there are many soils such as oils, proteins, sugars still present in oriental rugs that only a proper washing can remove. A common cause of unsatisfactory rug cleaning is when cleaners cut these steps short or skip them altogether.  Cleaners try to compensate by using stronger and more aggressive cleaning chemicals that cause other issues such as dye bleed (colour run) chemical cleaning residues and strange odours in oriental rugs.


How exactly do you clean area rugs? 


Here's our oriental area rug from the above. We use neutral detergent formulations specific for wool, silk, plant & synthetic fibers. At this point, we like to slow things down a bit and let area rugs soak. Soils such as oils, starches, sugars, pet odours, wine stains, proteins, and soot respond well to dwell time. Time to solubilized break down and flushed away soils.  How much time we spend on a given area rug depends on the rug and its soil level. The white background of our wash floor gives us instant feedback of how dirty a rugs   


All rug cleaning is performed by us in our SE Portland workshop and is done by hand. This is a slower but much more thorough and gentle cleaning process. Rugs are washed front to back, not just the surface. Our cleaning products are free of perfumes, optical brighteners, and harsh chemicals. This is the proper way to clean rugs and fundamentally the way oriental rugs have always been cleaned.

How do I  get my rugs to you?

We have convenient drop off rug cleaning at our Rug Spa workshop in SE Portland from 9:30- 5:30 M-F   with off-street parking we will even unload your rugs for you. Or have our staff pick up and deliver rugs to your home or office.  We make trips out of town to the coast and  Bend area perodically.  If you live out of town you can ship rugs to us or drop them off during a visit to Portland and we can ship your rugs back by UPS or FedX  ...It's that easy!  

Can you do anything about pet urine and odors in my area rugs? 

We remove pet urine odors and stains from oriental rugs all the time.  Frankly, we’re perplexed that many cleaners make a "big stink" out of removing pet odors from rugs, often charging exorbitant fees and hoopla of upsells for exotic chemical decontamination baths and expensive enzyme treatments.

More importantly, we remove these odours from your rugs without them coming back smelling like they've been pickled in chemicals & perfumey deodorizers.

Remember, this level of oriental rug cleaning cannot be achieved or approximated at home. Your rugs must be brought to our rug workshop to be properly washed. Did we mention that we typically don't charge extra for pet urine odor removal?

rug cleaing at Renaissancve Rug Cleaning

Controlled drying is important, we monitor area rugs for proper drying and regulate humidity levels. We use a number of methods to remove as much as 90% of moisture by the time your area rug reaches our drying tower or drying floor.  All area rugs are tested with moisture meters to assure they are dry and ready to go back to your home.

Navajo rugs washed and drying at Renaissance rug cleaning  
rug cleaner
Turkis and persian rugs drying after cleaning
We clean any kind of area rug. handwoven, machine-made Tufted 

Considerable time and energy are given to area rugs after cleaning to assure they look, smell and feel great.  Experienced hands and an eye for detail are important components of a truly clean rug.

Renaissance is a member of ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) A trade association dedicated to professionalism, Integrity, and education of rug care professionals. 

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