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Oriental and area rug washing

Area Rug Cleaning 


How do we get your rugs so clean and fresh smelling?

Experience, knowledge, skill, and a heavy dose of love for the work we do

Area rug cleaning starts with dry soil removal 

While area rugs vary in construction, household soils often have the same characteristics. Because of this, our area rug cleaning starts with dry soil removal.

Dry soil is a term for dusty, silt, & clay-like soil that settles into the foundation of rugs from everyday use.

On the left is a Gabbeh area rug before dusting/dry soil removal and on the right after dry soil removal before washing. The removal of these dry soils from area rugs is laborious and time-consuming. In some cases, we spend more time removing these dry soils from area rugs than actual washing. 


Failure to adequately remove these silt-like soils in area rugs before cleaning inhibits the removal of other soils during washing. Wool, silk, and other natural fibers area rugs absorbed water and swell, helping to lock in the gritty particulate soils. Cleaners often try to compensate by using stronger, more aggressive cleaning chemicals and aggressive scrubbing. The use of more and stronger chemicals often leads to other issues such as color run, cleaning residues, and inadequate soil & odor removal. This dry soil removal and rug cleaning is not portable and cannot be done or approximated in your home. Area rugs must be cleaned in a wash plant facility for effective rug cleaning. 

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Dry soil isn't the only soil in your area rug

The pic on the left is the area rug from above; it's not clean yet, not by a long shot. 

You can see lots of soils that dry soil can't touch. Things like; cooking oils, liquid spills, pet accidents, smoke smells, and atmospheric pollutants. These soils hide deep in your area rug beyond the reach of a vacuum cleaner, spot cleaning, rug doctor, shampoo, steam extraction cleaning, or other surface cleaning methods. These soils need to be soaked, solubilized and washed out of area rugs. This is the proper area rug cleaning process and the way area rugs are meant to be cleaned. 

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Area Rug Drying 

With all that water & wool how do you get area rugs dry? 

We use many water removal methods for quick and efficient water movement from your area rug; It's essential for safe, effective rug cleaning. On the left is our rug centrifuge, and just like the spin cycle on your washing machine, our rug centrifuge spins water from wet area rugs. By the time your area rug leaves this machine, over 95% of the moisture has been removed from your carpet resulting in fast-drying.


Our area rug drying is fast and efficient, and rugs are hung to dry in our temperature and humidity-controlled drying area. However, some area rugs are too fragile and need to be dried flat.

Just like cleaning, no one method of drying is appropriate for every situation. As a specialty rug workshop, our workers and the workshop is engineered to the needs of area rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning, not a wide variety of cleaning services. 

 We are an area rug cleaning company, not a carpet cleaning company, and an upholstery cleaning company that does rug cleaning on the side. We specialize in what we know area rug cleaning, oriental rugs, and machine-made carpets such as Karastan.  

Area rug cleaning is more than just cleaning. 

The hands of skilled craftspeople at Renaissance Rug Cleaning work with your woven area rugs. Dusting, washing, and post-cleaning detail are not automated area rug cleaning processes. Our staff is trained and dedicated to woven area rug cleaning to ensure we have given your carpets and any spots, spill, or odor the attention they need. 

Does your rug look good, smell good, feel good, and do we do everything reasonable to remove that stain? Our staff thinks about these questions as your area rug moves through our rug cleaning service. It also makes our area rug cleaning service a top-rated choice and referral for portland rug retailers. 

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Renaissance is a member of woolsafe an organization dedicated to cleaing products safe for wool and people 


Is a member of ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) Randy the owner has served and president, board member, and educator for the organization over the past 10 years