Oriental and area rug washing

Wool Rug Cleaners  

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We are a handwoven wool rug cleaning service based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to the cleaning and care of woven wool rugs 


Dry Soil In Wool Rugs 

Your handwoven rugs take a beating on the floor, soils is worked into the foundation with every step. Your area rug has the ability to hold an incredible amount of dry soil as this picture shows. 


This dry sandy/silt-like soil works its way to the base of your oriental wool rug, and it's beyond the reach of your home vacuum.

Truth is, removing this type of soil takes specialized rug cleaning equipment, which is not portable and cannot be used in your home. 

Removing this soil is dirty time consuming, and labor-intensive and takes training and experience to do right 

Dry Soil removal 

A night and day difference and this rug hadn't even been washed at that point. 

We cannot emphasize that if your rug is cleaned in the home this type of soil is not being removed and your rug isn't really clean. 



Wool Area Rug Cleaning Portland

We clean all manner of area carpets, vintage Turkish rugs, and antique Persian rugs such as this antique Persian Bidar. 

This photos show how much spoil a hand-woven carpet can hold. All of our rug cleanings are done by hand washing by us in our SE Portland location. 

Our rug cleaning workshop is located in SE Portland near Ladd's Addition and is open weekdays from 9:30-5:30 no appointment is needed. 


We clean rugs for the top antique dealers and rug stores in Portland.


Wool Rug Drying 

With all that water and wet wool, how do you get my rugs dry? 

We use a few methods for quickly and efficiently removing water movement from your wool area carpets.


 Pictured here is one of our two rug centrifuges; much like the spin cycle on your washing machine, our rug centrifuge spins water from soaked wet area rugs in 2 minutes or less.

Spinning at fourteen hundred RPMs by the time your area rug leaves our centrifugal extractor machine, over 95% of the moisture has been removed from your wool carpet, resulting in fast drying.


Rugs are then hung or dried flat, depending on the specific rug. Rug drying is fast and efficient, and we regulate the drying in our temperature and humidity-controlled drying area. However, some wool area rugs are old and too fragile and need to be dried flat.

Just like area rug cleaning, no one method of rug drying is appropriate for every rug. As a specialized expert rug workshop, our trained workers and the workshop are engineered to the needs of wool area rug cleaning and oriental carpet cleaning. 



More Than Just An Area Rug Cleaning Cleaning Service 

The hands of skilled craftspeople at Renaissance Rug Cleaning work with your woven area rugs. Sure, with dusting, washing, and post-cleaning detail are not automated area rug cleaning processes. Our staff is trained and dedicated to woven area rug and carpet repair. All phases of rug care ensure we have given your carpets and any spots, spill, odor, or frayed corners the attention they need. 

Does your rug look good, smell good, feel good, and do we do everything reasonable to remove that stain? Our staff thinks about these questions as your area rug moves through our cleaning processes.


It also makes our area rug cleaning service a top-rated choice and referral for portland rug cleaning by Portland's top rug retailers. 

Renaissance Rug Service helps keep your rugs cleaner longer and is the safest and most effective way to bring your wool rugs back to life. With our professional state-of-the-art in-plant rug cleaning service. 


Renaissance is a member of woolsafe an organization dedicated to cleaing products safe for wool and people 


Is a member of ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) Randy the owner has served and president, board member, and educator for the organization over the past 10 years