Rug Cleaning 

Our cleaning starts with dry soil removal 

What is dry soil removal? 

 Dry soil is a term for silt & clay-like soil that settles into the foundation of rugs from normal day to day use. The pic on the left is before dusting/ dry soil removal and on right after dry soil removal prior to washing. In some cases, we spend more time removing these soils than actual washing. 

This type of soil removal equipment is not portable and cannot be done in -home.

Failure to adequately remove these silt like soils prior to cleaning inhibit the removals of other soils during washing. Cleaners often try to compensate by using stronger and more aggressive  cleaning chemicals that lead to other issues such as color run, cleaning residues, and inadequate soil & odor removal 

Rug Washing 

Dry soil isn't the only soil in your rug

The pic on the left is the rug from above, it's not clean yet not by a long shot.

You can clearly see there are lots of soils that dusting/dry soil can't remove. Cooking oils, liquid spills, pet accidents, atmospheric pollutants. These soils cannot be removed by simple dry soil removal such as vacuuming or even light cleaning methods such as shampoo or extraction cleaning. Soils like this settle into the core foundation of a rug then need to be soaked and washed out of a rug


Our wash floor is painted white for instant feedback from your rug, so we can see what we are removing and when your rug is clean. 


Rug Drying 

All that water & wool how do oriental rug dry? 

We use a number of water removal methods. On the left is our rug centrifuge just like the spin cycle on your washing machine our rug centrifuge spins water from wet rugs. By the time rugs leave this machine over 90% of the moisture has been removed.

Often rugs are hung to dry in our temperature and humidity-controlled drying area. However, some rugs are too fragile and need to be dried flat. 

Like cleaning, no one method of drying is appropriate for every situation. As a specialty rug workshop, our workshop is engineered to the needs of rug cleaning, not applying techniques engineered for carpet & upholstery cleaning to rugs.      



Rug Details

Cleaning is more than just cleaning.  

The hands of skilled craftspeople at Renaissance Rug Cleaning work with your rugs. Dusting, washing, and post-cleaning detail. To make sure we have given your carpets and any spots, spill, or odor the attention they need.  All of our services are done by hand and by 

people that work with oriental rugs and area carpets full-time exclusively, not as just another add on service. 


Renaissance  Your  Rug! 

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About Us

Renaissance Rug Cleaning is a  workshop for the cleaning and repair of area rugs and oriental carpets serving commercial and retail clients in the NW  located in Portland, Oregon